With a visit to Spanish influencer Blanca Miró Scrimieri Barcelona house

24 of February '23

The house, located in the suburbs of Barcelona, has an area of 670 sqm. The interior is filled with saturated colors and timeless vintage elements.

Sypialnia z żółtymi szafkami

Bedroom with yellow cabinets

© USM Haller/MoodDesign

Blanca Miró Scrimieri is a Spanish influencer. She runs the clothing brand La Veste and the platform Vasquiat. She also recently designed a capsule collection for Polish brand Reserved. Blanca's mom is an interior designer. Following her path, the influencer is increasingly involved in arranging, and treats her own home as a testing ground. She loves to scour flea markets and antique stores in search of unique specimens. These then sit alongside icons of contemporary design, signed by such names as Le Corbusier, Castiglioni, Prouvé, Coderch and the Eames brothers. Among them are matching pieces of furniture. They beat the vibrant colors that the designer's partner Javi is so fond of.

Blanca Miró Scrimieri

Blanca Miró Scrimieri

© USM Haller/MoodDesign

- For me, the key is to organically combine elements from different eras and styles. These create unique effects - Blanca says of her tastes.

Niebieski regał do przechowywania zastawy stołowej Rubinowo-czerwony stolik na kółkach

Blue bookcase and ruby-red table on wheels

© USM Haller/MoodDesign

In her residence, Blanca plays with the functionality and colors of modular furniture. Once they appear as bedroom cabinets in cheerful yellow, once as a partially glazed and partially equipped with blue fronts bookcase for storing tableware. Another time as a ruby-red table on wheels used to serve coffee or fresh fruit where Blanca and Javi just feel like eating.

Strefa wypoczynku łączy granat i żółty

The lounge area combines garnet and yellow

© USM Haller/MoodDesign

- I'm already thinking about multicolored shelves for the hallway, and maybe someday something will also stand in the child's room? - Blanca describes.

Gabinet w odcieniach brązu

Cabinet in shades of brown

© USM Haller/MoodDesign

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