Century-old wood a raw material of the future

24 of February '22

This story began more than 100 years ago. Vain among the people is the search for its witnesses. But the story has survived - in the old wood, its distinct texture, the shimmering colors of nature. The age-old wood transported through time and space, reborn beautifully in Regalia furniture, is ready to still last and resound again in another 100 years.

World design trends are moving towards a space in which the admiration of nature, ecology, recycled materials clearly shines through, in effect providing an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. That's why designers are eagerly turning to furniture or interior finishing products made of old, centuries-old wood. Original, shimmering with the colors of nature , fully ecological kitchen furniture , wooden walls, floors, dressers or tables made of century-old oak give a feeling of peace and security. It is all the easier to understand the philosophy of Regalia Polish Manufaktura producing furniture exclusively from recycled wood, that it is #NewLifeOldWood, a conscious choice and lifestyle of modern man.

Drewno ponad 100 lat temu żyło życiem mieszkańców kamienic

Wood more than 100 years ago lived the life of the residents of tenement houses

© Regalia

Is this wood from the forest? Listen, it's a story like a fairy tale

Once upon a time, a carpenter cut down trees during the winter. This was not an accident, but a deliberate act. He knew perfectly well that at such a cold time the sap in the tree is the least, so the wood harvested will be stable and durable. The trees grew in virgin forests, according to the rhythm of nature. They grew on infertile soils, so their natural growth was small, and consequently, annual increments were negligible. But all this added up to the wonderful quality and stability of the wood. It was heavier and harder. Ready for the toughest challenges. Completely different from modern times. Centuries ago, a carpenter, working with such wood, knew that he would avoid unpleasant surprises such as warping. That's why he boldly built building structures from it - barns, habitats, military stores. Wood more than 100 years ago lived the lives of the inhabitants of tenements, houses. Carried into the future, it was often literally saved from burning. That's why in Regalia they treat its strength with respect, giving it new life. A chance for a new history in new homes, where it records traces of everyday life on its surface.

Żaden mebel nie jest kopią innego, tak jak nie ma dwóch identycznych desek

No piece of furniture is a copy of another, just as no two boards are identical

© Regalia

Old wood has a future

Why is aged wood beautiful? Just look at it to marvel at the variety of colors developed by sun, wind and rain, not the aging process. Touch it to clearly feel under your fingers the texture, those times and the work of lumberjacks and carpenters who gave their hearts to their passion. This wood has matured nobly. Seasoned for more than 100 years, it now provides a guarantee of quality, delights with originality, ennobling interiors and their owner by being the fulfillment of his individual needs. An imprinted trace that will remain after him.
The exceptional plasticity and durability of aged wood allows the architect to turn a vision, an idea into a non-obvious, sometimes futuristic here and now. A now that connects the past with the future.

Meble powstające z wiekowego drewna są często proste, wręcz ascetyczne w formie

Furniture created from aged wood is often simple, even ascetic in form

© Regalia

Just storing old wood for the next generation

Every aged board at the Regalia manufactory is unique. And this is without any exaggeration. When it comes to old wood, it would be difficult to talk about two pieces being the same. Furniture is created from them, often simple, even ascetic in form, majestic, attracting attention with its unobvious pattern, strength of construction, reliability of workmanship and apt combination of ancient history with modern design. To paraphrase Philippe Patek, "You never really own Regalia furniture. You only store them for the next generation."

Communing with old reclaimed wood arouses a strong reflection that a person's life is like a blade of grass that can be blown away by the wind at any moment. We accompany it only for a moment. It survives the centuries, finding its way to the future," says Wojciech Sobierański, creator of the Regalia Polska Manufaktura brand.

For more information, visit the company's Regalia Polska Manufaktura page on PdD.

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