Want to decorate an unusual bathroom? Opt for an original shower

06 of December '22

Are you looking for an idea for a bathroom that is surprising yet stunning in style? An unusual shower enclosure will allow you to achieve this effect.

The power of color

A shower enclosure with double doors and gold details will fit perfectly into the bold styling of the bathroom. It's the perfect choice for the bathing salon, the place where we nurture the body and give soothing to the senses. With gold it is worth combining dark, saturated colors and strong patterns of stone or terrazzo.

Łazienka w kolorze

Bathroom in color

© Radaway

Unusual form

Curves and rounds break the patterns and add a sensual softness to the bathroom. A novelty that conquers bathrooms is a cabin with a gentle curve at the top. On the market, for example, there are models that surround a black frame, made of durable ceramic paint. Such a graphic finish emphasizes the unusual shape of the cabin.

Kabina z łukiem

A cabin with an arch

© Radaway

Decorative patterns

Another interesting option is a cabin with decorative engraving. The pattern on the glass sheet will allow you to give your bathroom a personal, unique touch. The precise, laser-made pattern is on the outside, so the glass is easy to clean and does not lose its security. The choice of patterns is wide. However, some manufacturers even offer the possibility to apply your own design.

Kabina ze wzorem

A cabin with a pattern

© Radaway

Urban chic

Anindustrial-style bathroom can surprise with slightly less obvious motifs. Instead of a muntin pattern, a motif inspired by scissor bars may appear on the cabin. They used to be used to protect store windows or warehouse and factory spaces. Today their motif can enliven the interior of the bathroom. It will present itself particularly spectacularly on a walk-in cabin in XL size.

Industrialna kabina

Industrial cabin

© Radaway

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