Here's Kave Home's new outdoor collection

06 of June '23

A collection specially designed for your garden, terrace or balcony and which adapts to all these spaces. Its organic shapes, solid wood furniture and elements made of cement are inspired by the Mediterranean climate. A collection that allows you to enjoy moments spent outdoors.

Kolekcja Kave Home

Kave Home collection

© Kave Home

Natural style

The Forcanera collection, made of teak, is ideal for your indoor and outdoor spaces, thanks to the fact that the material it is made from tolerates moisture very well and is therefore very resistant and durable. Its silhouette with straight lines and wood-colored finish, combined with cushions in a white shade, gives a natural and Mediterranean touch to your home.

Kolekcja Forcanera

Forcanera Collection

© Kave Home

Creating the outdoor living room of your dreams is possible with the Portitxol collection. It has a minimalist style, and its teak modules are indispensable for designing the perfect outdoor arrangement that suits your needs. Complement your designer garden dining room by adding Canadell tables and benches, made from solid recycled teak, to create a composition that blends with the surrounding environment.

Kolekcja Portitxol

Portitxol collection

© Kave Home

Discover the Llado collection

Llado is modeled after the classic director's chair, and is made of 100% aluminum for outdoor use with solid teak armrests. It's sturdy enough for you to enjoy the sun without any worries and folds down so it doesn't take up valuable space during storage. A chair to match Hollywood.

Kolekcja Llado

Llado Collection

© Kave Home

Cement in a starring role

Garbet tables, made of cement with a minimalist style, are designed to create a designer feel in your outdoor and indoor arrangements, adding character to any space. They are weather-resistant and ideal for year-round use.

Stoły Garbet

Garbet Tables

© Kave Home

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on PdD.

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