Easy, fast, creative! Check out how to use upholstered panels in your home

28 of November '22

Feel that your interiors need a change, but don't feel like a time-consuming renovation? Opt for solutions that don't require a lot of work, time and money. One of them are upholstered panels, combining aesthetic and functional qualities. Without unnecessary preparations, gathering equipment and the need to clean up after the installation is over, they will transform your bedroom, hallway or children's room.

The power of shapes and colors

A big advantage of Vilo brand upholstered panels is their variety. Five lines are available: Regular 1, Regular 2, Regular 3, Oval and Geo, each distinguished by a different shape and application possibilities. The freedom to combine the same or different shapes together allows you to create personalized compositions in any interior. You can easily match them to the selected room and available space. The effect depends only on you.

Panele tapicerowane to doskonały pomysł na efektowną ścianę za łóżkiem

Upholstered panels are a great idea for a striking wall behind the bed


Each line of Vilo brand upholstered panels comes in seven colors: powder pink, gray, marine, mustard, graphite, navy blue and bottle green. But what is most pleasant about them is their softness. Thanks to this advantage, they provide comfortable support or protection from bumps during children's games. In addition, they will give the interior a cozy effect. If you are looking for a way to warm up your bedroom or your child's room, upholstered panels will perfectly fulfill this role.

Panele tapicerowane sprawdzą się jako miękkie obicie w pokoju dziecięcym

Upholstered panels will work well as a soft upholstery in the children's room


Arrange as you like

Compositions of upholstered rectangles or squares can also be used in more representative interiors - for example, in the hallway. This is a good way to decorate the wall, against which you will be able to lean comfortably when putting on or taking off shoes. In addition, the panels placed behind the door that opens inward, will protect the wall from the impact of the handle and the formation of holes in it. There is also the option of installing metal hooks between the panels. This way you can create a convenient coat or purse rack and at the same time use all the space in your hallway.

Nieoczywista ozdoba i ogromna wygoda dzięki panelom tapicerowanym

Unobvious decoration and great convenience with upholstered panels


Make it cozier!

Looking for a way to make a striking wall behind the bed? Combine unique design with functionality. Upholstered panels will work great as a headrest. Thanks to them, an evening reading a book or a movie screening will gain comfort and coziness. Create arrangements that will make your time in bed even more enjoyable. You can both arrange the panels in the form of a headboard in the case of a large bed, and line the perpendicular walls in the case of a single bed with them, which will further insulate the sleeping area and protect it from the cold beating from the wall.

Chłodna ściana? Możesz o niej zapomnieć, używając paneli tapicerowanych jako zagłówka

A cold wall? You can forget about it by using upholstered panels as a headrest


It takes so little to transform your interior and give it a whole new character. If you are looking for coziness and softness, try this wall solution and improve the comfort of staying in your own home. Check out the full range of Vilo upholstered panels at vilohome.pl.

For more information, visit the company's VOX page on the PdD portal.

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