PROMOTION "High-five with NIBE". Buy a NIBE heat pump and get a free 5-year warranty!

27 of February '23

Starting March 1, 2023. NIBE-BIAWAR is launching an advertising campaign for NIBE heat pumps and the "High-five with NIBE" promotion. As a Swedish brand and a world leader in the quality of heat pumps, we want to draw attention to the reliability of NIBE brand equipment, which has been produced for more than 40 years! Importantly, we offer professional advice on the selection of equipment that guarantees the best fulfillment of users' needs and the achievement of optimal heating bills; in addition, we also offer comprehensive service care: factory service and authorized service network.

The "High-five with NIBE" promotion is intended for users who purchase a NIBE heat pump, through a selected installation company or distributor, and register on between 01.03-30.11.2023.

The promotion covers selected products purchased by Users in the period 01.01-30.11.2023.

As part of the promotion, NIBE-BIAWAR Sp. z o.o. offers a FREE 5-year GUARANTEE on:

  • NIBE air source heat pumps: NIBE SPLIT (NIBE AMS), NIBE S2125, NIBE F2120,NIBE F2040

  • NIBE ground heat pumps: NIBE S1255, NIBE S1155, NIBE S1255 PC, NIBE S1155 PC, NIBE F1226, NIBE F1126, NIBE F1245, NIBE F1145, NIBE F1245 PC, NIBE F1145 PC

  • ventilation heat pumps: NIBE F370, NIBE F470, NIBE F730, NIBE F750

The 5-year warranty period consists of a 3-year basic warranty and a 2-year additional warranty, the cost of which is covered by NIBE-BIAWAR.

Pompy ciepła NIBE

NIBE heat pumps


NIBE heat pumps are among the most modern heating devices, providing the highest energy efficiency among all available heat sources and thus the lowest operating costs. In the current difficult times of limited availability of fossil fuels and their rapidly rising prices, heating with a heat pump, which obtains as much as 80% of its energy from nature, is the most economical and safe solution. The popularity of NIBE heat pumps is growing rapidly, as we can count on financial support under government subsidy programs for their purchase and installation.

Information about the "High-five with NIBE" promotion and the registration form is available at

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdD portal.

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