Let's learn to rest again

22 of February '22

Regardless of how we work, rest is extremely necessary for us. Especially these days, when the home is both a place where we spend time and where we work. When the boundaries between the spheres of our lives are blurring, it is worth taking care of where and how we rest. Every space is different. Our ways of resting are also different. Solutions offered by the VOX brand partner effective relaxation.

It is up to us to decide in which room we create our private relaxation zone. It can be the living room, where we will place a set of furniture to relax with our loved ones. A good place is also the bedroom, where we will hide from the rest of the household, light aromatic candles and indulge in small pleasures in a comfortable armchair. With a good idea, such a zone can also be a kitchen filled with green plants that put us in a good mood.

In the center of attention

The role of the living room in a house or apartment usually falls to the space with the largest area. This is where most of the action of our days takes place. That's why we decorate it for gatherings in larger groups - both with household members and guests. Small or big occasion, it doesn't matter. Sometimes the reason to celebrate is simply the beginning of the weekend. What matters is that there is somewhere to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet. Not surprisingly, the heart of every living room is the sofa. Set in its central part, against a wall or a window, it attracts attention and encourages us to take advantage of its soft and comfortable cushions. It's up to us to decide which way to point it. It can be the TV or another important part of the living room.
VOX offers functional solutions that complement the space visually. One of them is the Estar 3-seater sofa with sleeping function. With it, we can also offer our guests a comfortable night's sleep. Another option, focused on even better customization, are the collections of modular furniture. Chill, Pelo or Modus allow us to create a relaxation area adapted to the number of people in it. Just choose the number of modules you are interested in and connect them with the help of pull-out hooks to create perfect configurations in whose softness you can sink.

Modułowe meble z kolekcji Chill od VOX to doskonały sposób na dopasowanie przestrzeni do indywidualnych potrzeb.

Modular furniture from the Chill collection from VOX is a great way to tailor the space to individual needs

© Vox

Taste the relaxation

In the company of hot tea, the pleasure of relaxation becomes even greater. That's why it's worth brewing a large pot of it - for yourself and a loved one - so that there's enough for more than one cup. Then, with peace of mind, we can devote ourselves to reading a book, a movie or simply a conversation, without having to interrupt in order to prepare a cup of fresh drink. Good tea requires a beautiful setting to enhance the pleasure of drinking it. To make tea drinking a real ritual, the sets of teapots, cups and mugs available in the VOX range , such as the Lineo tea pot, will help. Matching cups are available in a set with plates on which you can put your favorite cookies.
And once you've had a few warming sips, set the cup aside on the coffee table. In VOX you will find a wide selection of them. Let's check out the Simple, Creative or 4 You collections to find your dream coffee table, which will hold not only your tea set, but also other trinkets that are precious to you.

A home oasis of calm

Plants are a color accent and a unique decoration in any room. Their calming effect makes us more willing to relax after a long day, and less important duties can wait. The colors, but also the very presence of plants, are a joy and a solace for our senses. We can look at them, inhale their scent and enjoy their presence. In this case, sometimes more is better. Also, caring for plants has a relaxing effect on us. When we water them, wipe them of dust or transplant them into fresh soil, we can switch off for a while and focus our thoughts on the activity at hand. The plants will return the favor with better air quality and a beautiful appearance, which we can take extra care of with VOX products. The fern will look great in the hanging pot cover Gora. In turn, the Nuo glasshouse will accommodate a collection of small cacti.

The magic of textiles

We want our relaxation zone to be an extremely comfortable place, where every element affects our senses. We enjoy what we see, but also feel. Therefore, in this space there is no shortage of materials whose touch puts us in a pleasant mood. Especially during autumn and winter movie screenings, we want to surround ourselves with textiles that will keep us warm, wrap us in their softness and allow us to fall into a short, regenerative nap. After waking up from it, it's good to feel the pleasant material of the carpet under our feet, so that the coolness of the panels doesn't immediately snap us out of our blissful, sleepy state. VOX offers solutions that will provide all this - for example, the extremely soft Kuba blanket with a touch of cashmere or the Jute rug, handwoven from a blend of jute and cotton.

W ofercie marki VOX znajdziemy niezwykle miękkie i przyjemne w dotyku pledy.

In the offer of the VOX brand you will find extremely soft and pleasant to the touch plaids

© Vox

In complete harmony

We relax more willingly and effectively when there is order around us. Papers lying in disarray on the desk or utensils perpetually put away from corner to corner can effectively distract us from relaxation. It is good when they too have their own place where they will wait until we need them again. The Creative bookcase from VOX, which we can customize to our individual preferences, will be useful in good organization. A perfect combination of functionality and decorativeness is also the multifunctional Slot board. It can be used to place, for example, souvenirs from our travels. Looking at them, we will recall memories of our expeditions and... maybe start planning the next ones?

Regał Crative od VOX to doskonałe rozwiązanie, by wprowadzić porządek w swojej strefie relaksu.

Crative bookcase from VOX is the perfect solution to bring order to your relaxation zone

© Vox

Relaxation is as important as working, meeting loved ones or doing household chores. Choosing a suitably comfortable sofa can be crucial to the quality of our rest, so by visiting a VOX store, we can test the products available there. With the help of advisors, we will comprehensively equip our spaces with elements that will enable us to relax effectively and create a cozy interior.

For more information, visit the company 'sVOX page on thePdD portal.

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