Seaside apartment with a drop of navy blue

27 of November '23
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  1. The interior was designed by architects from mJOY studio.
  2. The apartment near the Baltic Sea has an area of 66 m2.
  3. The apartment is designed as a vacation place for a large family.
  4. The navy blue color used in the interior refers to the nearby sea.
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The 66-meter apartment is located near the Baltic Sea. On a daily basis, investors live in Warsaw. So architects from mJOY studio were supposed to create a vacation apartment for a large family.

W kuchni i łazience zastosowano onyks

Onyx was used in the kitchen and bathroom

Photo: INKADR Natalia Kaczmarek

Additional space

Architects from the mJOY studio carried out the arrangement and turnkey finishing. The apartment consisted of four rooms, however, in the end it was possible to create as many as five. This resulted in three rooms and two bathrooms. The small square footage is the key issue here, as it became quite a design challenge. The investors have two daughters who already have families of their own. So it was necessary to perfectly plan the space for resting, sleeping, storing essentials and spending time together. The whole thing, of course, had to be consistent and finished in a single style that suited the owners' tastes. The investors wanted the arrangement of the apartment to be an elegant mix of classic and modern.

Pojawiający się w całym wnętrzu granat nawiązuje do morza

Appearing throughout the interior, navy blue refers to the sea

Photo: INKADR Natalia Kaczmarek

In the climate of the sea

The clients were inspired by one of the office's previous projects, in which a bold color palette was combined with a modern style. Hence the idea for bright interiors, in a shade of off white and contrasting navy blue. The dark blue is a clear nautical element. Also the wall panels, which were used in the hallway and living room, have an element of a wave referring to the sea. Right next to it the wallpaper with a heron catches the eye.

W mieszkaniu zastosowano ciekawe lampy np. w sypialni znajdziemy oświetlenie w kształcie ptaków

Interesting lamps were used in the apartment, for example, in the bedroom you will find lighting in the shape of birds

Photo: INKADR Natalia Kaczmarek

Unusual finishes

The clients like stucco and wallpaper, so they were used in the rooms. However, the investors did not want a marble pattern to appear in the kitchen or bathroom. So architects used original onyx in shades of gray and graphite with a delicate, diffused vein. To further warm up the interior veneer with a walnut pattern was used. Designers also added wider milling in the built-ins, which, like the dining room table, add a classic touch to the interior.

Część zabudowy jest frezowana We wnętrzu dominuje złamana biel

Some of the built-ins are milled

Photo: INKADR Natalia Kaczmarek

- Our clients have so far lived in a house with a Provençal-style interior. They wanted to change something. So they opted for modernity and elegance with elements of classics. The apartment also had to be functional, with plenty of storage and sleeping space, as well as easy to keep clean - says Renata Michałowicz architect from mJoy studio.

W strefie wypocznkowej uwagę przykuwa tapeta z czaplą

In the lounge area, the wallpaper with a heron attracts attention

Photo: INKADR Natalia Kaczmarek

Intriguing lighting

The lamps are also worth noting. The architects used the so-called night solution: the wallpaper in the toilet was gently illuminated from above, and in the main bathroom they installed a LED strip under the sink cabinet. In the living room over the round bench hung lamps referring in shape to the furniture. Meanwhile, an interesting vertical lamp was placed above the table. Captivating lighting can also be found in the bedroom. A decorative lamp with birds beautifully blends with the structured wallpaper covering the TV wall and the wide and fleshy bed headboard.

Ściana z telewizorem w sypialni została pokryta strukturalną tapetą

The wall with the TV in the bedroom was covered with structural wallpaper

Photo: INKADR Natalia Kaczmarek

Space for the youngest

The children's room is only 10 m2. In addition, it is oblong. In order to achieve functionality and maximum storage space, as well as to maintain comfort, the architects designed an original built-in furniture above the beds, and deep drawers under them. This made perfect use of the space and created sleeping area for as many as four people. The decorative element, meanwhile, is a patterned wallpaper in shades of blue with a decor in the form of parrots, to which a monkey-shaped wall lamp was matched.

W pokoju dziecięcym znajdziemy tapetę z wizerunkiem papug

In the children's room you will find wallpaper with the image of parrots

Photo: INKADR Natalia Kaczmarek

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