Sleeping among the wisteria

17 of November '23

Previously, we have already looked at the living area of AMJ studio's project. Today we take another look at the apartment in Warsaw, this time visiting the atmospheric bedroom.

Sypialnia jest częścią mieszkania znajdującego się w Warszawie

The bedroom is part of an apartment located in Warsaw

© AMJ Studio

A stylistic mix

The 67.30 m² apartment was designed for a young couple. The arrangement is based on a combination of subdued colors and noble materials, mainly light wood and white. Although the interior was designed in a modern style, combining minimalism with japandi elements, in the bedroom we can also find loft  influences, such as architectural concrete on one of the walls.

Jedna ze ścian została pokryta betonem architektonicznym

One of the walls was covered with architectural concrete

© AMJ Studio

Plant accent

The motifs and accessories used here are consistent with those in other parts of the apartment. It gives a sense of stylistic continuity to the interior. Here, too, you will find mostly delicate, subtle elements in subdued colors. The only strong accent is the wallpaper covering the wall behind the bed. It depicts a lush wisteria. The arrangement of the wallpaper makes us feel as if we were taking a nap outside under a beautiful spreading tree. This effect is accentuated by two simple lamps hung on both sides of the bed. Their soft warm light adds to the coziness and the placement does not demolish the artwork presented on the wallpaper.

Tapeta z wisterią oraz ciepłe światło tworzą niepowtarzalny klimat Lampy zostały rozmieszczone tak, aby nie zaburzać wzoru na tapecie

The wisteria wallpaper and the warm light create a unique atmosphere

© AMJ Studio

Clever storage

Mirrors were an important element in creating this space. A large one placed opposite the upholstered bed beautifully reflects daylight and optically enlarges the room. Right next to it hangs a piece of art and a minimalist radiator, which will provide adequate warmth while not demolishing the arrangement. There is also a capacious closet. It was placed in an alcove and, thanks to the color scheme, remains practically invisible.

Duża tafla lustra rozświetla oraz optycznie powiększa przestrzeń

A large mirror illuminates and optically enlarges the space.

© AMJ Studio

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