Subdued and elegant living area

09 of February '24

Previously we looked at the bathroom and kitchen designed by Anna Maria Sokołowska. Today we present the living area of an apartment in Gdynia.

Podstawą aranżacji była drewniana podłoga

The basis of the arrangement was a wooden floor

Photo: Fotomohito

Open space

The investors love to spend summer weekends at the seaside. So they decided to buy an apartment in the very center of the city right next to the marina. Unfortunately, such a location also brings challenges. The apartment is located sideways to the marina and the rooms were small. So the owner asked to open up the space at the expense of eliminating one of the three rooms. This allowed the architect to use the full potential of the large terrace windows. The interior is suitable for two, so there was no need for a dining room or an additional bedroom. The most important thing was the sense of space.

Strefa dzienna stanowi przeciwwagę dla zdobnej kuchni

The living area counterbalances the ornate kitchen

Photo: Fotomohito

Warm and cozy

- The clients didn't provide aby inspiration. They said they were relying on me. The only element they chose is a dark wooden floor laid in a French herringbone pattern. They saw it in my earlier design and liked it — describes Anna Maria Sokołowska.

Inwestorom zależało na otwarciu przestrzeni

The investors wanted to open up the space

Photo: Fotomohito

Thus, the floor of natural smoked oak became the determinant of the space and the first point of creating the arrangement. Initially, the color scheme proposed by the architect was cool, based on gray, white and black. However, the use of highlighted onyx and gold in the kitchen, prompted her to warm up the color base, so that the interior is not austere, but cozy and elegant.

Aranżacja salonu jest bardziej stonowana

The living room arrangement is more subdued

Photo: Fotomohito

Aesthetic balance

The living room arrangement is a counterbalance to the ornate kitchen. Located in the lounge area, the built-in furniture is simple and monochromatic. The furniture is filled with storage compartments. There is also a place for RTV equipment. In addition, an air conditioner is hidden in the upper part of the built-in. Thanks to this, the space is neat and any necessary, but not very aesthetic elements remain hidden. Everything is complemented by original lighting in the form of three circles.

Pojemna zabudowa ukrywa klimatyzator

Capacious built-in hides the air conditioner

Photo: Fotomohito

Fused with gold

The built-in in the living area flows smoothly into a wide corridor. It contains a closet with mirrored fronts, which further optically enlarges the space. The furniture was decorated with elements of gold. Such decoration refers to the arrangement of the kitchen and makes the whole design coherent.

W korytarzu znajduje się lustrzana szafa ze złotymi elementami

In the hallway there is a mirrored closet with gold elements

Photo: Fotomohito

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