Subtle bedroom with a striking glass wall

23 of November '22

The two-level apartment with a total area of 120 sqm is located in Zielona Gora. A comprehensive project, including a new functional layout and interior design with elements of decorating, was created by the author's Mindful Architects studio.

Sypialnia ze szklaną ścianą

Bedroom with a glass wall

© Mindful Architects

The bedroom is the main part of the lower level of the apartment. It was separated from the space of the hall and staircase by a glass wall, which allowed for lighting in these deeper zones. This large industrial accent gives the subtle interiors a bit more character. At the entrance, a tall double door was designed, opening at a 180-degree angle, which further integrates the bedroom with the rest of the apartment.

Minimalistyczna sypialnia

Minimalist bedroom

© Mindful Architects

The entire space is kept in soft, pastel shades. The ubiquitous white, is complemented by light oak wood, natural beiges, satin grays and discreet powder colors highlighted by black details.

Wnętrze utrzymane jest w jasnych, pudrowych kolorach

The interior is decorated in light, powder colors

© Mindful Architects

Nature-inspired finishing materials appear in the interior. The focal point of the entire arrangement is thebed, maintained in a minimalist style. The headboard, made of wooden slats, gives the interior a cozy feel and alludes to the classic oak herringbone on the floor. The space was also wrapped by linen curtains and muslin curtains, which refract the sun's rays, creating a beautiful soft light.

Szafka Złote detale

Gold details

© Mindful Architects

Next to it is a functional dressing room that will meet the needs of two people. An interesting design treatment is the mirror located on the axis of the entrance to it. It optically enlarges the interior and gives the effect of depth. Right next to the bedroom there is an eye-catching staircase. They were specially designed for this interior and treated as a kind of sculpture. Simple in form, the carpet-constructed steps are complemented by a dark steel balustrade. Many such original solutions, can be seen in different parts of the apartment.



© Mindful Architects

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