Surprising color combinations of an apartment in Warsaw's Mokotow district

31 of January '23

Architects Ada Skwira and Malgorzata Liebhart of WZ Studio break patterns when looking for inspirations. Such was the case with this apartment. Although its base is quite neutral, orange and blue accents create a striking and original outcome.

Charakterystycznym elementem mieszkania jest połączenie pomarańczowego i niebieskiego

A characteristic element of the apartment is the combination of orange and blue

Photo: Pion Poziom

Colorful maneuvering

The main design idea of the apartment shown today was to create a space that is modern, but warm. The investors were open to the idea of stronger color accents, juxtaposed with calm elements.

-For a long time we have been saying  that interiors should be built on the principle of color contrasts, not only in the context of the juxtaposition of light and dark colors, but also warm and cold colors," Ada Skwira and Malgorzata Liebhart say about the project.

 Kuchnia została urządzona w neutralnych barwach

The kitchen was decorated in neutral colors

Photo: Pion Poziom

At first glance, there are a few stronger colors here, although the combination of blue and orange draws the most attention. This is quite a strong color combination, which is gaining popularity due to its versatility. We shouldn't be afraid to experiment with sky blue and cherry red for a vintage style, dark navy and orange to create an oriental vibe, or peacock blue with burgundy, building a more artistic atmosphere in the interior.

 Pokój dziecięcy w kolorze szałwiowym

Children's room in sage color

Photo: Pion Poziom

There are indeed many ways to play with these colors, and the project of WZ Studio, proves that it is a bold but interesting direction. In the living room, the orange sofa, custom-made from Ada and Margaret's design, draws attention. The choice of fabric was not easy, but the designers and owners wanted a strong color.

Pokój dziecięcy z motywem drogi

Children's room with a road theme

Photo: Pion Level

Inspired by the blue city

Another interesting color point in this apartment is the closet in the bedroom. The strong navy blue color catches the eye, making the space expressive. Interestingly, it is not pure navy blue. The implementation process required several color samples. The designers ordered four shades, three of which belonged to the pure garnet palette, and one garnet with a slight touch of purple. It was only apparent when all the colors were juxtaposed, but one color that stood out for its warm that reminds us of  Chefchaounen, the famous blue town in Morocco. After a brief debate, it was this color that ended up on the closet. The solid wood headboard was custom-made, and the entire bed is decorated with orange and blue pillows. Strong colors, sage and mustard blue, are also found in children's rooms.  They are complemented by two main motifs - road and jungle.

 Szafa w sypialni nawiązuje kolorem do miasta Chefchaounen

The closet in the bedroom refers in color to the city of Chefchaounen

Photo: Pion Poziom 

Natural materials in the kitchen and bathroom

The base of the design here is natural materials with a predominance of solid and veneered wood. There is also no shortage of quartz surfaces. The kitchen countertop and the one in the bathroom with the bathtub are large-format cladding. Another interesting element is the combination of oak flooring with color-coordinating kitchen cabinetry and original tile flooring in the kitchen and hallway. The designers from WZ Studio spent a long time looking for the best matching pattern. In the end, they chose delicate terrazzo.

W łazience znajdziemy jasne drewno Jasne drewno łączy się z szarymi płytkami

Light wood combines with gray tiles

Photo: Pion Poziom

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