Neither egg nor hen - unconventional Easter decorations

28 of March '23

Eggs, chickens, bunnies... If you are bored with typical Easter decorations we have something for you. We present inspiration for original Easter arrangements.

Kwiaty będą idealną dekoracją wielkanocnego stołu

Flowers will be the perfect decoration for your Easter table

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Take a trip to the meadow

Easter is not only about the ever-popular bases. Spring offers us an array of different flowers and it would be a shame not to use them. You can use delicate and fragrant chamomile or dried cotton to decorate your table. Daffodils, tulips and peonies will also be a beautiful color accent. If you like boho style and subdued colors, bet on a composition of ornamental grasses.

Aromatyczny rumianek pięknie ozdobi zastawę

Aromatic chamomile will beautifully decorate the tableware

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Easter in an organic look

Modern Organic strictly adheres to a simple, natural color palette. Typical colors in this style are shades of white, beige, gray and accents of black. It is a nod to nature and its forms, but with a distinct hint of raw modernity. In your Easter arrangement you can adapt it in the form of simple, austere tableware and elegant black cutlery. The whole will be complemented by linen textiles.

Dekoracja w organicznym stylu

Decoration in organic style

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Christmas in grandmillennial style

The main idea of grandmillennial is to combine nostalgia with a modern interior. This manages to achieve an interesting, unprecedented color palette and a personal, authentic arrangement full of eye-catching vintage elements. This style is not afraid of any color. So you can mix everything you want on your Easter table, introducing colorful elements in both table textiles and china.

Aranżacja w stylu grandmillenial wypełniona jest kolorami

The grandmillenial style arrangement is filled with colors

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Go beyond the frame

Get a cozy atmosphere with eccentric decorations. Stylish candle holders will work great. Wooden, shiny and gold, or even colorful and glass ones. Instead of the traditional wreath full of Easter eggs, bet on the one created from feathers in natural colors.

Pióra i bawełna świetnie sprawdzą się do stworzenia oryginalnego wieńca

Feathers and cotton are great for creating an original wreath

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