Play with color in your interiors

31 of October '22

Playing with colors - I'm playing!

When choosing furniture, we often rely on timeless forms and subdued colors that never get boring. However, what if we want to liven up the arrangement a bit and give it a certain character? Then literally one element is enough, introducing a completely new energy into the interior.

A drop of color is enough

A distinctive decoration does not have to be only accessories such as pillows or colorful potholders. The Creative system from VOX allows us to design a piece of furniture, the color and role of which in the room we will decide ourselves. A chest of drawers, a bookcase, a cabinet - one element in a distinctive hue can make the interior take on a completely new character. Creative offers saturated colors, i.e. green, indigo or brown, which will subtly introduce an autumn atmosphere into the apartment.

Dwie komody Creative w kolorze indygo

Two Creative dressers in indigo color


Such a color accent is one of the simplest decorative treatments. Its task is not only to build a certain climate in the room, but also to enliven the decor. Moreover, it will help to achieve a decorative effect without overloading the interior with additional furnishings.

Zielony kredens i szafka RTV wąska Creative

Green sideboard and narrow RTV cabinet Creative


Stimulate the senses

A drop of color among a sea of subdued colors? Here indigo and green will work perfectly. Their calm tones will not disturb the harmony of the finished arrangements. On the contrary - they will become the proverbial dot over the "i". The nobility of indigo comes from the combination of blue and purple. Its use will bring a touch of mystery to the interior, which will give even more meaning to the treasures stored in the closet or bedside table. Indigo is the color of happiness and carefree, so a piece of furniture in this color will please the eye of the household members all the more.

Szafa 3-drzwiowa i kontenerek biurka Creative w kolorze indygo

Creative 3-door closet and desk pedestal in indigo color


On the other hand, dark green is one of those colors that is increasingly used in arrangements. In addition, it is associated with autumn. To the interior, in addition to a unique atmosphere, it introduces an element of elegance, while promoting relaxation. Therefore, Creative furniture in this shade will be the perfect complement to the bedroom, where we rest the most.

Zielona szafka RTV wąska Creative

Green narrow RTV cabinet Creative


Timeless black can also play the role of a color accent. Deep and elegant it will attract attention against the background of other colors.

Czarny regał wysoki poczwórny Creative

Black quadruple tall bookcase Creative


Opt for naturalness

The Creative system also offers solutions for lovers of classics. Therefore, among the wide range of colors, you will also find oak decors. Four shades: light, honey, brown and dark will fulfill their function in any interior, depending on the purpose of the furniture.

Komoda szeroka Creative – dąb brązowy Komoda szeroka Creative – dąb miodowy

Creative wide chest of drawers - brown oak and honey oak variants


Complete the atmosphere

In autumn we retract back into the interiors, looking for warmth and coziness in them. Each season has its own atmosphere, which we smuggle into our homes and feel with all our senses. The smell of incense, the taste of hot tea with lemon, the touch of a warm blanket - we feel autumn with all of us. The sensations will be taken care of by decorative articles, complementing our interiors. A pleasantly rough Mel rug made of natural materials will protect our feet from the chill of the panels as we reach for a refill of brew from the Tomo pot. In turn, the flame cast by the Reda, Blau and Gren candles will gently brighten long evenings, creating a play of shadows on the walls. And the yellow Muff blanket will not only allude to the leaves changing on the trees, but will be a memory of summer.

Świece Reda, Blau i Grena

Reda, Blau and Grena candles


Color has power!

It's worth using it to give your interiors a unique character, which you will be able to enjoy especially in autumn and winter. Choosing the perfect color is one of the five steps taken when creating personalized furniture in the Creative system. We can learn about its possibilities in VOX stores and at

For more information, visit the company's VOX page on the PdD portal
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