Dressing room and hallway filled with art

04 of January '24

The architects at AMJ Studio created a functional and stylish interior, where minimalist design is combined with art.

Light and airy

The dressing room is almost 12 m². Its arrangement is simple, bright and functional. The main element is a capacious built-in that extends over most of one of the walls. White cabinets with black handles correspond to the door leading into this room. Light-colored panels on the floor add lightness. The built-in closet also houses a washing machine.

W garderobie znalazło się miejsce na pralkę Jedna ze ścian jest prawie w całości pokryta zabudową

One of the walls is almost entirely covered with built-ins

Photo: AMJ Studio

Between art and functionality

The classic white walls gain character from Rafał Knop's painting, which is the main decorative point. Opposite the cabinets is a low dresser with capacious drawers, ideal for storing accessories. Of course, there could not miss a large mirror here. It not only optically enlarges the space, but also allows you to look closely at the styling. A bit of color is introduced into the interior by a mustard-colored pouffe.

W garderobie znajduje się obraz Rafała Knopa

In the dressing room there is a painting by Rafał Knop

Photo: AMJ Studio

Cohesive space

You will find the same furnishings in the 10 m² hallway. It is worth noting the bookcase with an open shelf. On it you will find a sculpture by well-known Poznan artist Andrzej Zurek. The artwork has been subtly highlighted by the light coming from above. Thanks to this, even the entrance area, which has mainly practical functions, has gained an artistic flair.

W korytarzu także stworzono zabudowy Przedpokój zdobi rzeźba Andrzeja Żurka

The hallway is decorated with a sculpture by Andrzej Zurek

Photo: AMJ Studio

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