What makes us feel safe at home? We analyze data from the report

21 of February '24

Nearly 40,000 people from 38 countries told us about their home needs. What makes us feel good in our four walls? We find out in the latest report.

Stabilność finansowa jest istotna dla naszego poczucia komfortu

Financial stability is important to our sense of comfort

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Financial comfort

According to data from the report "IKEA. Life at Home 2023" the most important things for us are security, well-being and comfort. How do we obtain them? Poles attach great importance to financial stability as a key factor in feeling secure at home. According to those surveyed, financial comfort consists of savings, a stable source of income and control over household spending. Most Poles declare that this need is met. At the same time, the survey results indicate that finances and the country's general economic situation are the main source of anxiety. However, in the global comparison respondents cited the people with whom they share living space as one of the most important factors for ensuring a sense of security at home.

Najważniejszym czynnikiem wpływającym na poczucie bezpieczeństwa Polaków są finanse

The most important factor influencing Poles' sense of security is finances

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Home under control

Another frequently mentioned need is a sense of control over our homes. What factors hinder it? The most frequently cited obstacles are health problems, lack of sufficient financial resources and an excess of responsibilities. Nearly one in three respondents admit that they do more housework than others. At the same time, 27% of respondents say that keeping an organized and tidy home makes them feel relaxed.

Większość Polaków jest zadowolona z życia w swoim domu

Most Poles are satisfied with life in their home



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