Winter veranda in idyllic style

17 of November '22

We associate the veranda with a place of quiet relaxation overlooking the summer garden. And in winter? It can become an additional room where we conjure up a unique atmosphere.

Stół z krzesłami

Table with chairs

Photo: the lady can do it © Marcin Dekor

Such an undertaking involves a few difficulties, which Beata Łańcuchowska and Ania Drozd talk about on their blog "Pani to potrafi". Finishing, insulating, decorating - these are just a few of the issues they address. As they admit, one of the biggest challenges was designing window decorations. One that would not only be practical, but also give residents privacy. They also had to protect from the strong sun provide an additional thermoregulatory factor and fit in with the decor.The designers considered opening shutters, which, however, would have overturned the usable nature of the windowsill, and curtains, which, however, they quickly rejected. The choice fell on blinds.



Photo: the lady can do it © Marcin Dekor

In the case of the veranda, the matter was complicated by the number of windows. There are as many as 10 of them and they surround the entire room. Their non-standard width and the small space - or lack thereof - between the upper edge of the windows and the roof were also a challenge. In such a situation, the best choice was a system of mounting the blinds directly to the door frames. Another challenge was the question of matching the type of their finish and the way the rolled-up fabric tunnels would lay. In the end, the designers decided on a model with the rolled-up fabric located on the back side of the blind.

Żółty fotel dodaje wnętrzu kolorytu

Yellow armchair adds color to the interior

Photo: Pani to potrafi © Marcin Dekor

The veranda was decorated using a subdued, elegant color palette with a predominance of white and black. Earthy colors can be found in the furniture and accessories. The walls were painted in a light gray color, while the floor has a classic checkerboard pattern. The whole is complemented by the use of natural materials, especially wood. This gives the space an idyllic atmosphere.



Photo: Pani to potrafi © Marcin Dekor

Although Beata Łańcuchowska and Ania Drozd announce that this is probably not the end of the changes in this charming room, they are very pleased with the effect they managed to achieve. For now the veranda can be used at any time of the year. It is warm, but not hot. Sunny, but with the possibility of shielding too strong rays. Cozy and stylish.

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