Wooden organizers - a way to keep your drawers in order

26 of June '23

Drawers with cutlery and other small accessories are the point in the kitchen where it is most difficult to maintain exemplary order. Even if we try very hard to put all the little things back in their place right away, clutter will inevitably appear anyway. It's just a matter of time. How to avoid it? For example, by organizing the interiors of drawers with specially designed REJS wooden inserts. Their range has just been expanded with another model.

Modern drawer systems like Ultra Box or Maxima PURO from REJS are the perfect place to store kitchen products: supplies, accessories, crockery... In the drawers you can arrange and sort things large and small, those we use most often and those that should always be at hand. The full extension makes access much easier and improves kitchen work.

There is only one but. While large and heavy items such as tableware and pots can be stacked once in a while and hopefully be exactly where they should be, keeping order among the little things is not so easy. Unsecured small items such as cutlery and large knives, spices, aluminum foil, accessories, and even batteries and medicines, which land in the kitchen frequently, shift every time you open and close a drawer. They get mixed up, tangled and lost. And this breeds clutter. How to tame it?

- The solution is drawer organization inserts designed specifically for kitchen products. REJS offers several such solutions. Attention should be paid to models made of wood, which are not only very durable and functional, but also tasteful and attractive in design - explains Joanna Posadzy, Marketing Director of REJS.

Dobrym sposobem na utrzymanie ładu w szufladach ze sztućcami są organizery

A good way to maintain order in drawers with cutlery are organizers


Wooden inserts - types and dimensions

Drawer inserts are made of veneered oak plywood in a warm light shade. The wood is solidly protected against water with matte varnish, which adds to its elegance. The line includes 6 models designed for drawers with a depth of min. 500 mm. Varying in shape and size, the individual inserts can be freely combined with each other depending on your needs and the size of the drawer itself. Five of them have been available on the market for more than a year, but one - a practical insert with dividers - is a novelty.

The wooden insert with dividers is a functional separator, thanks to which we can divide the interior of the drawer into smaller sections. Like a railing, it segregates products and prevents them from moving and mixing. It is available in several dimensions: 420x420, 520x520, 720x720 and 820x820 mm and 50 mm high.

Drewniane organizery wykonane są z fornirowanej sklejki dębowej

The wooden organizers are made of veneered oak plywood


What inserts besides these do we have to choose from?

The cutlery insert (260x472x50 mm) is the most classic piece. Three vertical and two horizontal dividers allow you to arrange knives, forks and spoons, as well as their dessert counterparts. Its complement is an insert with special grooves for knives (200x472x50 mm). It will accommodate a full set of 9 large chef's knives, as well as a less handy pizza knife and cheese spatula.

With food wrap and aluminum foil in mind, as well as baking paper, an insert was created with 3 longitudinal compartments (200x472x50 mm). Rolls of foil and paper can not only be arranged in them, but also closed, which will prevent them from unrolling and protect from damage. What's more, tearing off a piece of the desired and equal length is much easier thanks to the serrated edge of the compartments.

Equally functional is the properly shaped spice rack (260x472x50 mm). Containers with herbs can be arranged in it at a slight angle, which makes it easier to remove, while nicely displaying them. Matching glass jars with airtight lids are also available from REJS for this insert.

Completing the line is the smallest, in terms of size, universal oblong insert (100x472x50 mm), in which any accessories can be arranged. This is a good place for a ladle, but also for small items like a lighter. Besides, with its help you can even better use the entire width of the drawer.

Warto oprócz wkładów zastosować matę antypoślizgową

It is worth using an anti-slip mat in addition to the inserts


A good addition - an anti-slip mat

If you care about additional protection of your furniture and even higher functionality, it is worth using an anti-slip mat in addition to inserts. It will work well in higher drawers, or as a complement to wooden inserts in lower drawers. The mat not only prevents the sliding and mixing of products, but also additionally protects the bottom of the drawer from dirt and minor scratches, and also quiets the sound of putting products into it.

The anti-slip mat is made of two-layer plastic. It is available in rolls of 5 meters in 2 widths: 474 and 524 mm. It can be easily cut to the desired size. After unfolding, it levels itself and adjusts to the bottom of the drawer. The mats come in 3 colors: white, graphite and silver, which makes it easy to match the style of the built-in.

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