More than interiors. Now with VOX you can also decorate your balcony, terrace and garden

27 of June '22

The VOX brand, known mainly for its comprehensive home furnishings offer, has just expanded it with outdoor furniture collections. Whether we intend to celebrate warm days and evenings in the garden, on the terrace or balcony, with VOX we will arrange an outdoor relaxation area.

Tables, armchairs and pouffes have been designed with special care and attention to spend the entire summer with us unscathed. And when it's over, we can move them to our interiors, where they will continue to impress with their unique forms and high-quality materials.

Marka VOX dba o wolność odpoczynku również na zewnątrz

The VOX brand cares about the freedom to relax outside as well


Created for special tasks

If summer means even more gatherings with loved ones outside, let's take care of their unique setting. Extremely hospitable Mundi tables will take care of platters of snacks and glasses of drinks. Alone or as a pair, they are a great support when you want to make a good impression at a weekend garden party. All thanks to the possibility of personalization.

Stoliki Mundi stanowią duet idealny zarówno na balkonie, jak i w ogrodzie

Mundi tables are a perfect duo both on the balcony and in the garden


The tables are available in two heights and top sizes, to which we will match different types and colors of legs. The option to tailor Mundi to the needs of our terrace or balcony opens up the chance to create a rest area that suits our needs.

Mundi dostępne są w dwóch wielkościach blatów

Mundi is available in two sizes of tops


Feel even more relaxed

The soft, extremely comfortable Looz furniture is made of pleasant-to-the-touch material - it is sure to become a beloved element of any rest area. Armchairs and pouffes are a must have for any lounge area. It is up to us where we arrange it.

The furniture is lightweight, so we can take it with us in search of sunshine or, on the contrary, a bit of shade. And the weather, although we dream of summer every day, is sometimes capricious. That's why Looz are made of waterproof fabrics and nautical threads, so a sudden downpour isn't terrible for them.

Fotele i pufy Looz to niezawodny sposób na efektywny relaks

Looz armchairs and pouffes are a reliable way to relax effectively


The armchairs and pouffes come in several color variants. Subdued composition in beiges, blacks and grays and energetic, eye-catching yellow are options that can be successfully combined with each other.

In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that Looz do not have to be seasonal furniture at all. When summer is over, let's take their softness and colors with us to the interior of our apartment. Children and teenagers will be happy to place them in their rooms to use for playing or studying.

Na tak urządzonym tarasie do pełni odpoczynku potrzebna jest już tylko piękna pogoda

On a terrace decorated in this way, only beautiful weather is needed for full relaxation


Resting assistant

Handy and mobile, the Handy table is the perfect companion for moments spent outdoors. Thanks to its convenient handle, we can take it with us to every nook and cranny of the garden so that we can put a cup of coffee on it or lay down our phone.

Due to its size, Handy is an excellent option for owners of small balconies. The table does not take up a lot of space, and will accommodate pots of fresh herbs. A sudden downpour? In his design Olgierd Jaskulski took into account the variability of summer weather conditions, making the table fully resistant to them.

Handy will soon be available for sale on the website and in VOX stores.

Stolik Handy to jednoosobowy bohater wiosennych i letnich chwil na powietrzu

Handy table is a one-man hero of spring and summer moments outdoors


Cushions, pouffes and plaids

To lie down and look at the clouds wandering in the sky - sometimes it takes so little to feel an overwhelming peace. To ensure that it is not disturbed by the unevenness of the ground, it is worth getting an outdoor pouffe. Its simple form will take the shape of our choice, fitting our needs and the space where we decide to place it.

For an outdoor picnic, let's take the Sand cushion with us, which can be carried comfortably thanks to the side handle.

Let's also remember that even in summer there are cool days and evenings. Then it's good to have a cotton blanket, such as Sienna, on hand. Wrapping us with its warmth, it will allow us to enjoy moments spent outdoors longer.

O jeszcze większą przyjemność chwil spędzanych na zewnątrz zadba poduszka Sand

Even greater pleasure of moments spent outdoors will take care of the Sand pillow.


Evening doesn't have to end after sunset

The moodiness of warm evenings spent outdoors can be enhanced with atmospheric light. Then all you need is a blanket and a mug of your favorite tea to enjoy the moment. Strings of outdoor lamps increasingly decorate balconies and gardens also in summer.

They can be hung from hooks or a tree, or arranged in any composition depending on the possibilities of our space. And Solar mobile lights, which shine in the evening, will be a beautiful decoration during the day.

Czasem wystarczy tak niewiele, by nadać wieczorom wyjątkowy nastrój

Sometimes so little is enough to give the evenings a unique mood


Celebrate every moment

And if you don't have a balcony, terrace or garden, take advantage of open spaces such as parks or meadows. Just pack a blanket, thermos of tea and other picnic paraphernalia in a roomy and waterproof Go! bag, get on a bicycle or use convenient transportation and head out to relax in the fresh air. VOX offers products that will help us prepare an outdoor feast, such as lightweight Rata trays.

Morning coffee in the sunshine on the balcony or long evenings in the garden - we have been waiting for these moments for a very long time. To enjoy them even more, the VOX brand has decided to take care of our comfort of rest. Collections of outdoor furniture and accessories supporting relaxation can be found in VOX stores and at

For more information, visit the company's VOX page on the A&B portal.

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