Tailored to age and tastes. 3 arrangements of children's rooms

20 of February '24
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  1. Interior of an apartment for a family with three children were created by Katarzyna Kraszewska Architektura Wnętrz studio.
  2. The girl's room is distinguished by the use of floral wallpaper.
  3. The older daughter's bedroom was furnished with open bookcases in an intense purple color.
  4. The boy's room was decorated in shades of gray.
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An apartment in Warsaw was created by combining together two smaller ones. The studio owned by architect Katarzyna Kraszewska carried out both a major remodeling and furnishing of this interior.

Rudy pud jest barwnym akcentem aranżacji pokoju dla chłopca

A ginger pouffe is a colorful accent in the arrangement of the boy's room

Photo: Tom Kurek Styling: Katarzyna Kraszewska

Fairytale room for a girl

The daughter is the youngest member of a family with three children. Her room is kept in shades of pink and beige. The arrangement is distinguished by the use of a beautiful wallpaper with large pink flowers. It shapes the character of the entire interior. This girly color also appears in many diffrent hues on the rounded upholstered panels. They are placed next to the bed, so that the bedroom corner is cozy and the girl is safe even while playing. Right next to it stands a capacious closet designed to measure. Some of the beige fronts were decorated with fluting. This area of the girl's room is complemented by an adorable pouffe with bunny ears.

W pokoju najmłodszej córki wykorzystano florystyczną tapetę

In the room of the youngest daughter a floral wallpaper was used

Photo: Tom Kurek Styling: Katarzyna Kraszewska

On the other side of the room, a study corner was arranged. The motif of arches appears here again. This time on a bookcase with partially open shelves. The simple desk and the aforementioned bookcase are exactly the same shade as the cabinet, making everything look cohesive. The study corner also features a pink comfortable swivel chair. The two zones are connected by a soft white carpet which creates a great place to play.

W wyposażeniu pokoju powtarza się motyw łuków

The arch motif appears on the furniture throughout the room

Photo: Tom Kurek Styling: Katarzyna Kraszewska

Mature arrangement

The room of the older daughter is definitely more subdued. It's dominated by purple, gray and black. However, the girly character of the interior was achived by adding an ornate neon, purple shelves by the bed and a soft carpet in a pale shade of pink. The furniture has simple, modern lines. The desk and large bookcase serve mainly practical functions, while the purple shelves provide a place to display favorite items, expressing girl's taste and showing her interests.

Różowy neon dodaje dziewczęcego charakteru do wnętrza

Pink neon adds a girly touch to the interior

Photo: Tom Kurek Styling: Katarzyna Kraszewska

Just like in the younger sister's room, architects from Katarzyna Kraszewska's studio used upholstered panels here too. This cleverly emphasized the division of space into individual functional zones and added dynamics to the arrangement.

Fioletowe regały to miejsce na wyeksponowanie ulubionych przedmiotów lokatorki

Purple bookcases provide a place to display the tenant's favorite items

Photo: Tom Kurek Styling: Katarzyna Kraszewska

Masculine character

The oldest boy's room is dominated by grays. The arrangement has several references to previous interiors. The bookcase and desk are arranged exactly as in the older daughter's room. At the same time, with its color and fluting, the furniture resembles those used in the younger girl's room. It is worth noting the turned legs of the desk, which kind of look like Lego blocks. Another common element is once again, the upholstered panels by the bed. This time they are narrow and strongly convex. The furnishing that distinguishes the room of the eldest son are the black lamps and the ginger pouffe placed under the window, which is a colorful point of the arrangement.

Panele tapicerowane w pokoju syna są wąskie i wypukłe

The upholstered panels in the son's room are narrow and convex

Photo: Tom Kurek Styling: Katarzyna Kraszewska

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