5 ways to organize your interior in French style

24 of February '23

How to arrange an interior in the French style? What exactly is this style? We present 5 things that are necessary when creating such an interior.

The French style dates back as far as the 17 th century and the reign of King Louis XIV. It was a response to the glamorous court life of the monarch. The Sun King was an expert in art and built Versailles. His palace interiors inspired the furnishing of apartments in a similar style. Thus, the French style is distinguished by decorative exquisiteness and fine elegance combined with eclecticism.

1. Artistic eclecticism

French style interiors oscillate on two opposite poles. Furniture from different periods, for example, modern with antiques, is juxtaposed here with an artistic flair. Decorative vintage accessories in the form of memorabilia create an atmosphere full of casualness and understated nonchalance.

Wnętrza w stylu francuskim wyróżniają się eklektyzmem

French-style interiors are distinguished by eclecticism

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2. Palatial color scheme

Subdued and noble colors dominate in French interiors. The classic version includes creamy beiges, broken white and soft pastel shades. The more modern edition also includes elements of gray and accents of deep green, mustard and ochre. Obligatory, there must be gold or silver accessories.

 Stonowane barwy przełam nutką zdecydowanego koloru

Break the subdued colors with a hint of strong color

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3. Historical references

The main asset of Parisian interiors are original, often historic architectural elements. Here no one would think of getting rid of the beautiful antique woodwork, or replacing the oak parquet with panels. When decorating a French-style interior, take care of traditional details. Put classic parquet on the floor and arrange it in a chevron pattern. Decorate the walls with paneling and paint them in a light pastel shade. Put double doors, preferably glazed, between the rooms, and in the high windows hang curtains of fine fabric decorated with decorative tangs.

Dodatki vintage nadadzą wnętrzu paryskiego szyku

Vintage accessories will give the interior a Parisian chic look

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4. Elegant accessories

Choose details by contrast. Arrange a gallery of black-and-white photographs on stucco-filled walls and display a modern graphic in a rich gold frame. On a parquet floor laid in a French herringbone pattern, lay a rug in a striking geometric pattern. Don't forget about mirrors - they can be deliberately patinated, framed in beautiful frames and exposed in a prominent place - on a fireplace, console or leaning against the wall.

Dobieraj dodatki na zasadzie kontrastów

Choose accessories on the basis of contrasts

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5. Distinctive lighting

The central lamp should usually be the most grandiose. Opt for a classic crystal chandelier or a modern striking form. Decorative lighting plays an even greater role. A floor lamp should not be missing in the relaxation area and a table lamp on the tables, dresser or window sill. The atmosphere is also created by wall sconces that illuminate paintings or stucco on the walls.

Oświetlenie dekoracyjne odgrywa ważną rolę w stylu francuskim

Decorative lighting plays an important role in French style

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