All in white - bathroom design

04 of September '23
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  1. Mindful Architects studio is responsible for the project .
  2. The bathroom is part of a two-level apartment in Zielona Gora.
  3. The entire room is decorated in white.
  4. The bathroom has both a walk-in shower and a free-standing bathtub.
  5. For more interesting information, visit the main page of the PdD portal.

We have previously presented the bedroom and living area of a two-level apartment in Zielona Góra. Today we conclude our visit to the apartment of the Mindful Architects design studio, looking at the bathroom arrangement.

Minimalistyczny prysznic typu walk-in nie przytłacza przestrzeni Pod prysznicem znajduje się złota deszczownica

A minimalist walk-in shower does not overwhelm the space

© Mindful Architects

Monochromatic luxury

The arrangement is minimalist and extremely elegant at the same time. At first glance, our attention is drawn to the pristine white marble, which covers both the floor and the walls up to half their height. It's a classic choice that adds a chic touch to the space. The long built-in furniture is complemented by two washbasins with a rounded form. The gold faucets decorating them create a striking contrast with the white ceramics. A long mirror was suspended above the sinks, which reflects light and enlarges the space, giving the interior even more brightness.

Na długiej zabudowie meblowej umieszczono dwie umywalki Zaokrąglone umywalki uzupełniają złote baterie

Two washbasins were placed on a long piece of furniture.

© Mindful Architects

Shower or bathtub?

The walk-in shower is distinguished by its minimalist design. It consists only of transparent glass walls, connected by narrow golden joints. This solution allows for spaciousness and adds elegance. Under the shower there is a golden rain showerhead, which provides relaxing moments under the stream of warm water. A simple white shelf for cosmetics has been placed on one of the shower walls. This ensures that everything you need is always at hand. The bathroom also has a bathtub, which gives you the opportunity to choose your preferred form of relaxation. A free-standing model with an interesting form beautifully blends in with the rest of the interior. Next to it is a stool made of natural materials.

Wolnostojąca wanna została uzupełniona złotą baterią

The freestanding bathtub is complemented by a gold faucet

© Mindful Architects

With attention to detail

Varied lighting adds dynamics to the interior. Simple, small fixtures are interspersed here with longer white lamps and a third type of lighting - lamps with gold ornaments. Such extensive lighting allows you to create the right mood, depending on your needs. The large windows are covered with delicate white curtains that allow sunlight in while providing privacy.

Zróżnicowane oświetlenie dynamizuje wnętrze Łazienka jest minimalistyczna i elegancka

The varied lighting dynamizes the interior

© Mindful Architects

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