Bedroom under a red sky

25 of November '22

In a previous article, we already presented a bathroom designed by Mateusz Czeczko for a senior citizen couple. The investors, a couple of 70-year-olds, decided to replace their existing 3-room apartment with a much smaller one, but located in a convenient location.



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A new chapter

The main goal of the project was to create a pleasant space for the senior couple. The original layout of the apartment assumed an open space with a sleeping annex, but the investors wanted a few minor changes. The most important was to separate and enclose the bedroom.

Miejsce do pracy Fotel


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Bedroom, or a bit of privacy in a small space

Creating a small bedroom was achieved by extending one of the walls and installing a loft door made of ribbed glass, reaching from floor to ceiling. When closed, they allow light to flow freely between the bedroom and the rest of the apartment. Open - they become invisible. Mounting high glass doors is one of the procedures that allow to optically enlarge the interior. In a small bedroom there is also a place for a dressing table, which also serves as a place to work, and the bed is equipped with capacious drawers, providing additional storage space.

W sypialni dominuje połączenie niebieskiego z rudym Zagłówek

The bedroom is dominated by a combination of blue and red

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Ore ceiling

-From the beginning we assumed that we would introduce a definite color into this interior. We also knew that it would not be the walls. We tried different color versions - gray, navy blue, yellow....Only elegant red perfectly matched the style of the apartment. He gave the interior a completely different dimension. Today the hosts laugh that the red ceiling is the starting point of every conversation with guests entering the apartment," says Mateusz Czeczko.

Unexpected for the architects themselves was the way this color affects the interior. After all, the apartment has an east-west location, so it is quite dark and rarely receives direct sunlight. The use of a strong color in this case once again breaks the stereotype - it does not overwhelm the interior, does not darken it, but changes its atmosphere in a very noble way.

Ściana z telewizorem

Wall with a TV set

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