Dark kitchen with an elegant touch

04 of October '23
w skrócie
  1. The owner of the house and the author of the arrangement is Agnieszka Konieczna of the Ambience.Interior Design studio.
  2. The kitchen is located next to the dining room.
  3. Dark colors dominate here.
  4. The countertop was lined with natural granite.
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      Previously, we have already looked at the living area of Agnieszka Konieczna's house. Today we present the arrangement of the kitchen belonging to the architect from the Ambience. Interior Design studio.

      Classic contrast

      The kitchen is located right next to the dining room. You can enter it through a tall golden door with fluted glass. The arrangement is kept in dark colors. White appears here in the form of a floor tiled with a pattern imitating white marble. Tiles are also found at the very bottom of the walls. The rest of their surface has been painted white and decorated with stucco, which has already appeared in the living area. The only darker wall is the one with the window, which was tiled in graphite color.

      W kuchni dominują ciemne barwy

      The kitchen is dominated by dark colors

      Photo: Tom Kurek

      Elegant functionality

      The cabinet and the kitchen island have black fronts with decoration referring to stucco. The furniture is complemented with gold handles, while the countertop is covered with natural granite. Such a finish gives the kitchen a luxurious character. The sink with gold faucet is located just below the window, allowing you to enjoy the green view while doing household chores. However, if necessary, you can protect it from the sun with a Roman blind in a gray shade.

      Do kuchni wchodzi się przez złote drzwi z ryflowanym szkłem

      You can enter the kutchen through a gold door with fluted glass

      Photo: Tom Kurek

      Multifunctional kitchen island

      It is also worth taking a closer look at the island itself. Thanks to the presence of two upholstered hockers, the countertop can be used as a place for dining. However, there is more to it than that. There is also a small cabinet. In addition, electrical outlets have been installed on the side of the island, which allows you to cook freely with the help of kitchen appliances. Thus, the working space of the development was enlarged by another countertop. A large black tube-shaped hood hangs above the island, as well as four lamps, which are an interesting interpretation of industrial light bulbs. Here they appear in a glamorous version, with gold cable and engraved glass.

      Wyspa wyposażona jest w gniazdka elektryczne, które umożliwiają korzystanie z urządzeń kuchennych na jej blacie Blat został pokryty naturalnym granitem

      The island is equipped with electrical outlets, which allow the use of kitchen appliances on its countertop

      Photo: Tom Kurek

      Harmonious details

      One of the walls was covered with a graphite built-in. It conceals household appliances. Part of the built-in has been allocated for a display case with the same glazing that appears on the door. This makes the decor consistent. All of this creates a kitchen space that is both functional and full of elegance.

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      Compiled by:KATARZYNA SZOSTAK

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