Fancy lit bathroom and master area

05 of September '22

Today we take another look at the house of Aleksandra Wachowicz's project. In the previous article, we showed the living area kept in the style of contemporary classics. We continue our visit, starting in the bathroom on the first floor and moving on to the master zone located on the first floor.

Bathroom on the first floor

Several shades of gray were used in the bathroom, which is a break from the open living area decorated in beiges. Here, too, large-format quartz sinters were used, as well as skirting boards recessed into the wall. The toilet rack has been hidden behind a carpenter's cabinet, which houses the cabinets. The whole was broken by an illuminated glass showcase in a black aluminum frame. Lighting plays a big role in the bathroom. In addition to the standard ceiling lamps, sandblasted LED lighting in the mirror was used. The custom-made furniture was also illuminated. The sink console, in turn, is decorated with two hanging lamps.

Łazienka na parterze

First floor bathroom

© Aleksandra Wachowicz Interiors

Dressing room

Themaster zone combines the master bedroom, bathroom and dressing room. The whole is located on the first floor of the house. The dressing room is 13,00 m2 of built-in carpentry. Some of the closets have full fronts, while some of them are glazed in aluminum black frames. Functionally thought-out interiors of the closets have been highlighted with LED lighting. In the center you will find a beige carpet with a black border, which fits perfectly into the whole interior and adds a cozy touch. Attention is drawn to the navy blue seat, which breaks the color scheme of the closet. Its original upholstery perfectly fits the elegant character of the room.



© Aleksandra Wachowicz Interiors


The master bathroom takes the form of a bath salon with a free-standing bathtub in the center of the room. Analogous to the first floor, here too the ceiling lighting rails were designed and large-format quartz sinters were used, this time in gloss. The large black shower glass contrasts well with the soft color base. This accent can also be seen in the living room and master bedroom in the form of black mirrors on the walls. The atmosphere of the bathroom is created by atmospheric LED lighting illuminating the furniture and mirrors. An extension of the hanging white quartz-granite countertop is the dressing table, over which an illuminated, magnifying mirror blended into a larger mirror was designed.

Łazienka Łazienka master


© Aleksandra Wachowicz Interiors


The master bedroom is a breath of fresh air. A lighter color scheme reigns here. Light also plays a key role here. Attention is drawn to the unique chandelier constructed of delicate light elements combined with a gold frame. On the bedside table you will find an original lamp in the shape of a sphere with a milky white color. On the other hand, on the wall behind the bed appears an illuminated built-in with a fluted element.



© Aleksandra Wachowicz Interiors

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