Coziness and elegance. House filled with beige

17 of May '23

The house for a family of four is located in Andrychów. MIKOŁAJSKAstudio is responsible for its design.

Wnętrze łączy styl nowoczesny z minimalizmem

The interior combines modern style with minimalism


Subtle classics

The designers wanted to create a functional space while maintaining lightness and elegance. So the architects focused on a mixture of modern and minimalist style with elements that warm up the interior. The colors of nature were used. Beiges were broken with gray and black. The variety of the space became wooden elements, scrolling throughout the implementation.

Drewniany stół w jadalni

Wooden table in the dining room


Functionality under the sign of smart

The owners wanted the house to be smart, so they opted for a wireless and modular system, through which most of the equipment is controlled. It includes outlets, interior and exterior lighting, blinds, heating and monitoring. In addition to an efficient system of handling equipment, the company opted for a solution that makes it easier to keep things in order. This is because a system of built-in cabinets was used, thanks to which there is no shortage of storage space.

Wolnostojąca wanna w łazience właścicieli Łazienka właścicieli

Bathroom of the owners


In subdued colors

The corridor was filled with dark wood. Straight from it we go to a bright, open living room connected with the kitchen and dining room. The kitchen uses gray quartzite and black elements. In the living room there is a large gray corner sofa. There is also plenty of room for the household members at the wooden dining room table. Huge windows, filling almost the entire walls in the dining room and living room, provide an inflow of natural light. The minimalist space was emphasized and varied by different forms and motifs of selected accessories like chairs and lamps. A darker tone was chosen for the bathroom. It is dominated by light gray, but the first fiddle is played by black cabinets. The eye is especially attracted to the unique marble decor at the sinks.

Czarne szafki oraz motyw marmuru w łazience

Black cabinets and marble motif in the bathroom


Rooms filled with passions

The arrangement of the rooms of the two youngest residents also relied on classics. The owners wanted to create a simple space for their children, consistent with the rest of the house. So the architects kept the color scheme light. In the space for the daughter, the focus was on shades of beige. A built-in closet was used and a place was created for favorite books. In the son's room, bright colors were broken with navy blue. The boy's interests were alluded to through the motif of technical drawings of airplanes included in the wallpaper. In the rooms, space was created for relaxation, play and study.

Pokój dziewczynki z miejscem na książki Pokój chłopca z wyjątkową tapetą

A girl's room with space for books and a space for a boy with a unique wallpaper


Relaxation zone

The main role in the owners' bedroom is played by a large bed with a soft headboard in shades of gray. The whole room is based on white and gray, except for one of the walls, which was covered with paint in an anthracite shade. It was on this wall that the built-in cabinet system was used again. An eye-catcher in the room is a minimalist dressing table with an impressively illuminated round mirror. In the bathroom, located next to the bedroom, there was a free-standing bathtub and a shower in an alcove. It was important for the owners to have both these appliances.

Sypialnia z zabudowami Antracytowa ściana z toaletką

Bedroom with built-ins and dressing table


Everything in one place

The design also included an office and a gym. In the office space there was room for both work and a moment of relaxation. In the intimate gym, the hosts' preferred equipment was placed - from dumbbells to a treadmill. What's more, another space ideal for relaxation or work has been developed in conjunction with the gym. Just climb the stairs and you'll find yourself in a room with a desk and a bookcase and armchairs ready to spend time with the reading of your choice.

Domowa siłownia Gabinet z biblioteczką

A home gym and a study with a bookcase


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