A house full of space

26 of January '23

Do large rooms arranged in subdued colors and uncluttered with furniture have to seem empty and monotonous? Not at all! This is proven by the design of the house, which was prepared by interior architect Malgorzata Gorska-Niwinska from MGN Architectural Studio.

Wejście do domu utrzymane jest w tej samej stylistyce

The entrance to the house is kept in the same style


Big space, big changes

The investors, a married couple with a daughter and son, were fed up with cramped quarters and decided to live in a house. They wanted a large common area, a spacious bedroom for the parents and each of the children, three comfortable bathrooms and roomy clothing storage for all the household members. A study and an unobstructed guest room were also important.

So many rooms require a sizable square footage, so the investors decided to build a large house. However, the finished project deviated from the ideal, mainly because it was intended for a larger family. As a result, the investors asked Małgorzata Górska-Niwińska to modify it. The architect planned a new interior layout, including repurposing some rooms and moving some walls. This created dressing rooms and a larger number of sizable bathrooms.

Łazienka przy sypialni

Bathroom next to the bedroom


Living room

The architect was also tasked with creating the arrangement the couple dreamed of. Above all, they wanted to maintain the impression of spaciousness. The interior was to be uncluttered with excess furniture. They also did not wish for a lot of decorations or strong colors, as they feel best in neutral interiors filled with tranquility. However, such a subdued arrangement of large rooms could give a sense of unfriendly emptiness and seem simply boring. This was avoided through the use of materials with varied textures, surfaces with different sheen, many shades of beige and brown, as well as furniture and lamps with original, refined forms. The table with a marble top accommodated eight comfortably seated chairs. The golden legs on which they support each other refer to the "socks" with which the table's base of black-painted metal was finished. In the lounge area of the open living area, attention is drawn to the finish of the walls with beautifully veined marble and wooden panels, which add variety to the appearance of the interior. Equally interesting are the forms of coffee tables, set by the corner sofa. It is these design elements that make the sparingly furnished interior not seem empty.

W salonie znajdziemy dużo marmuru

In the living room you will find a lot of marble



Right next to the island is a table where all the household members can sit comfortably. An unusual neon-like lamp is an intriguing, eye-catching design element. The kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, have a very neutral look. The upper and lower cabinets made of lacquered board are almost invisible, so they don't compete with the marble lining of the wall. The island 's grooved edge finish and the LED strip installed under the countertopilluminate the stone, bringing out its beautiful veining.

Kuchnia wyróżnia się ciekawą lampą

The kitchen stands out with an interesting lamp



One of the rooms has been designated as a study. Here, too, beiges and browns with accents of gold dominate, brightening and enlivening the arrangement. The cabinet, which covers the entire wall, has wood and glass doors, making it look less massive and much more interesting than the version with solid fronts would look. The walls of the study are decorated with decorations in concave-convex geometric motifs, which resemble abstract reliefs.

W domu znalazło się miejsce na gabinet

The house has found room for a study


Bathroom on the first floor

This room was originally intended as a toilet, but after modifying the plans,a bathroom was createdhere with a spacious shower cubicle that occupies the entire width of the room. This is a very convenient solution when guests come to visit. A semicircular mirror, a washbasin with an unusual form, a tray-shelf for toiletries, marble on the floor and walls, wooden cladding - here every design element attracts attention. The bathroom is narrow, so the designer used a reliable trick - a mirror on the longer wall, which optically widens the interior.

Łazienka na parterze

Bathroom on the first floor



The bright room, in which the owners' bedroom was arranged, is additionally illuminated by mirrors on two walls (on one of them are closet fronts). The center of the room is occupied by a huge upholstered bed, and on its sides stand specially designed bedside tables with drawers made of fluted wood. Under the balcony door are an armchair and a lamp. This creates the perfect place to read a book before bed. Right next to the bedroom there is also the owners' bathroom and a dressing room.

Sypialnia posiada lustra na dwóch ścianach

The bedroom has mirrors on two walls


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