A house full of contrasts

30 of January '24
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  1. The house has an area of 300 m².
  2. The interior was designed by architects from Zimon Studio.
  3. The owners wanted the arrangement to be based on the contrast of black and white.
  4. Two lighting scenes were created in the interior.
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The basis of this interior design is a color palette consisting of shades of white and black. Architects from Zimon Studio decided to break and warm up these colors with natural wood.

A big challenge

The house has an impressive area of 300 m². The designers were tasked with arranging ten rooms, as well as two toilets and a basement area that houses a four-car garage. In addition to the interiors of the building, the investors also decided to commission the design of the facade and the arrangement of the garden with small architecture.

- We could describe this project as a very complex and comprehensive one, where the interior refers to the exterior, and one results from and is a development of the other. The interior, like our other projects, is a mix of styles. Due to the large amount of raw steel, the style strongly refers to modernist, but thanks to natural materials it is cozy, and the play of fabrics warms and adds to the coziness — says Szymon Mrózek of Zimon Studio.

Dom na 300 m² powierzchni

The house has 300 sq. m. area

Photo: Migdał Studio © AQForm

A classic combination in a new setting

The owners love the combination of white and black. Considering that such a color combination is very popular, the architects decided to bring to the fore natural materials and fabrics that unite the arrangement into a whole. They also varied the duo of white and black with wood and steel. These materials were used in many elements of the interior, such as the wall cladding of the fireplace in the living room and dining room.

- We love timeless elements. We put a very strong emphasis on natural materials. The house is located in the heart of the Polish mountains. It came out naturally and was meant to bring timeless materials and surroundings into the interior in a modern way like the laths behind the TV and the wall constructed of geometric reliefs that stretches across three floors - says the designer.

Aranżacja opiera się na bieli i czerni

The arrangement is based on white and black

Photo: Migdał Studio © AQForm

The golden mean

The arrangement of this interior is a compromise between the different tastes of the owners. The woman appreciates bright and luminous interiors, while the man prefers dark and masculine spaces. Finding common points and reconciling the often two different perceptions is quite a challenge. In the end, the designers created a bedroom that harmoniously combines these two worlds into one coherent room of nearly 40 sqm.

Aranżacja sypialni to kompromis pomiędzy odmiennymi gustami inwestorów

The arrangement of the bedroom is a compromise between the different tastes of the investors

Photo: Migdał Studio © AQForm

Practical division

The highlight of the kitchen is the island.

- The kitchen is a place of work. Because of the direct connection with the dining room, we wanted the decorative lighting to be seen in the dining room, hence the decision for recessed ceiling spots, which gave graphicality and referred to the ceiling hood. In premium interiors, you often need to set boundaries so that the interior has space and is not overdone — says Mrózek.

Wyspa jest kluczowym elementem kuchni

The island is a key element of the kitchen

Photo: Migdał Studio © AQForm

In good light

The designers created two lighting scenes — daytime and evening. The luminaires used here highlight specific parts of the interior, such as the fabrics in the living room. During the day, the lamps have a decorative function and contrast well with the white ceiling, while in the evening they play the main role and subtly illuminate the room.

- The purity of form is timeless. In addition to recessed spots, the kitchen also has LED backlights, which in the evening scene at the moment when customers are seated in the living room — perfectly emphasizes the architecture of the kitchen and its simplicity. It becomes a backdrop, which is important when looking at the interior from different parts of the living area — the architect adds.

Aranżacja pełna jest kontrastów

The arrangement is full of contrasts

Photo: Migdał Studio © AQForm

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