How to develop a micro-apartment? Review of the most interesting solutions

30 of September '22

Micro-apartments and studio apartments are a fact of life. The fashion created by the difficult conditions of the housing market, often hooked on pathological phenomena, is also a fact. Nevertheless, a minimalist lifestyle is often not a compulsion, but a choice. Therefore, we present interesting and useful solutions for small apartments.

Is it possible to furnish a micro-apartment comfortably?

Three micro-apartments were created in a more than a hundred-year-old tenement in Gdansk. How to live in such a space? Can it be functional and cozy at the same time? We present three different interiors that are worth seeing.

Trzy mikroapartamenty w jednym mieszkaniu

Three micro-apartments in one apartment

Photo: Michal Bidziuch

How to store things in the bathroom?

Adequate storage in the bathroom does not apply only to small apartments, but here it is worth prioritizing. We benefit from a well-organized storage space by gaining extra square meters.

Dobra organizacja przechowania to podstawa

Good organization of storage is fundamental

© Defra

A studio apartment where space was sought

How to combine elegance, functionality and small space. An apartment in Warsaw's iconic Wola district shows an interesting way to organize space. The arrangements were created by the KODO studio.

Kawalerka dla dwóch osób nie musi być złym rozwiązaniem

A studio apartment for two people doesn't have to be a bad solution


a different approach to a studio apartment

Small space doesn't have to mean boring at all! In the second realization of the KODO studio, the architects had to face a small space of 37 square meters (although large enough compared to the nine meters from the first article), where there was optimal space for two people.

Niewielka przestrzeń wcale nie musi oznaczać nudy!

Small space does not have to mean boring at all!


collected by Wiktor Bochenek

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