How to arrange storage space in the bathroom?

25 of July '22

Good organization is the key to a comfortable bathroom. Proper storage will not only increase its functionality, but also improve its aesthetics.

Szafka z umywalką nablatową

Cabinet with countertop washbasin

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Practical solutions

Acabinet with a mirror is a multifunctional piece of furniture that is perhaps the most popular solution. It is extremely practical. Hanging the mirror separately would unnecessarily take up space that can be used for storage. Unfortunately, the downside is that for the sake of maintaining an aesthetic appearance, these cabinets are very narrow. So we can only put in them the most necessary toiletries for the home toilet. It is also a good place to hide medicines that children should not have access to. Fortunately, today on the market we can choose from many interesting models, for example, with one, two or three wings. You can also find models with LED lighting. They will not only brighten up the space, but also facilitate the evening routine. Cabinets are also available, with shelves located on the inner sides of the door. This is an ideal place to store any cosmetic trinkets. Another common solution is a cabinet under the sink. You will get the best effect by using a countertop washbasin. Place it on top of a large cabinet. If you do not have enough space, make sure that the countertop is at least a little wider than the sink. This will make the whole thing look better and provide additional storage space. You can also choose a sink recessed into the cabinet. This solution covers up unsightly pipes. However, it does not give as much space in the cabinet as a countertop sink.

Podwieszanie szafki ułatwiają sprzątanie

Suspended cabinets make cleaning easier

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Innovative storage

Especially in small bathrooms, it's a good idea to plan the arrangement of furniture decently. In such small spaces you can't afford to waste space. At the same time, you need to place an adequate number of shelves in the bathroom, avoiding clutter. A sliding closet can be an interesting solution. Admittedly, you need to devote an entire wall to it, but it will fit all the things you need. Any additional cabinets and shelves will no longer be necessary. Through this, paradoxically, the whole bathroom will be more spacious. Moreover, all cosmetics, chemicals and equipment will be hidden. Thus, the bathroom will become minimalist and elegant. In addition, such a design will visually diversify the space. After all, it is not often to find a sliding cabinet in a bathroom. This solution is ideal for bathrooms in the attic. With the help of a few shelves, you can convert an inconspicuous space under the slant into a practical cabinet for storing towels. It is also a good place to hide laundry baskets. Made-to-measure cabinets will help you fit individual elements exactly for the type and depth of the slant. Aesthetic sliding doors, on the other hand, will hide the contents of the cabinet.

Miejsce do przechowywania pod umywalką

Storage space under the sink

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Cleverly hidden

Hanging furniture offers the most possibilities. With them you can use the space up to the ceiling. At the same time, there is still free space on the floor. Hanging cabinets are therefore best placed above the sink, washing machine, bathtub or toilet. By juxtaposing several different models at the right heights, you are able to get a cabinet around the appliances almost as consistent as one made to measure. Before buying a ready-made cabinet, take a close look at its interior. Pay attention to the number of shelves and drawers. Look for models with a silent closing system. Drawers with built-in compartmentsare also a big help. If the cabinet does not have such, you can easily bring order to the drawer with baskets, organizers and boxes. These items will also work well on exposed shelves. Not only will they hold all the things you need, but they can also be decorative. A pedestal on wheels will also be helpful. It can be placed anywhere and can be moved if necessary. It will work perfectly as a handy shelf by the bathtub or a place for chemicals needed for cleaning in different rooms. A lot of space is lost for a smooth full bathtub enclosure. This space can be used for a small shelf that will hold the most necessary bath accessories.

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