How to design a bathroom in the attic?

19 of May '22

Cozy bedrooms located in the attic are very popular. However, nothing prevents you from arranging a bathroom right next to it. An interior with a slanted ceiling can bring several design problems, but it is absolutely not an obstacle to creating a beautiful and functional bathroom.

Ciepłe odcienie na płytkach sprawiają, że łazienka jest bardziej przytulna

Warm shades on the tiles make the bathroom more cozy

photo by Max Vakhtbovych ©PEXELS

The arrangement of this room will depend primarily on the height of the knee wall and the number of slants. An interior located under a pitched roof, and therefore having one slant, will be much easier to furnish than a bathroom with slants on two walls. The angle of the slope is also important.

Good layout

The most difficult task ahead of us will be the layout of sanitary facilities. Fortunately, manufacturers offer special custom-made cubicles and shower doors with a beveled enclosure. However, not all fixtures need to be attached to the wall. The ideal solution will be a free-standing bathtub. This is because we can place it closer to the center of the room. It is worth betting on an interesting design and an intriguing faucet, for example, in the color of gold. This will give our bathroom a glamorous look.

Przestrzeń pod skosami można wykorzystać na pojemne szafki

The space under the bevel can be used for capacious cabinets

Photo: Vecislavas Popa ©PEXELS

Proper protection

You also need to focus on proper finishing of the bevels, so that the walls are not damaged by moisture. Boards with a core of gypsum covered with fiberglass will work best. Concrete finished with cement-lime plaster or impregnated gypsum boards will also be suitable. If you place a bathtub, shower or sink against a wall with a slant, it is advisable to protect it with a liquid film.

Bright and cozy

A bathroom located in the attic is usually a small room. In addition, bevels can further intensify this impression. It is therefore advisable to choose an arrangement in bright colors. Shades such as white, ecru, ivory, delicate gray, pastel blue will be ideal. These colors will give lightness to the whole styling. To warm up the interior, we can use wooden elements. This effect will be achieved both with furniture and accessories made of this material. However, it is also worth considering the increasingly popular wood-like tiles. Such a floor or one of the walls, will give a warmer character to the bathroom.

Odpowiednio przemyślany projekt pozwoli nam zmieścić zarówno wannę jak i prysznic

A properly thought-out design will allow us to fit both a bathtub and a shower

photo by Jean Van Der Meulen ©PEXELS

Bathing with a view

Decorating a bathroom in the attic also has its advantages. Many people living in blocks of flats dream of having a window in this room. It is recommended to install large windows so that as much sunlight as possible enters the room. This will not only ensure a more pleasant morning toilet, but also reduce the use of lighting, thereby reducing electricity bills. Because of the humidity, it is best to choose plastic or wooden windows covered with a protective coating.

Elaboration: Katarzyna Szostak

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