Interior in a post-war tenement house full of colors

02 of January '24
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  1. The interior was created by Agnieszka Dominik and Marlena Banaszewska of La Fala Studio.
  2. The project is called Dusty Yellow.
  3. The apartment is located in a post-war tenement house.
  4. The premises are intended for rent.
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Dusty Yellow is the first project carried out jointly by architects Agnieszka Dominik and Marlena Banaszewska under the name La Fala Studio.

Optimistic arrangement

The 55-square-meter apartment is located on the third floor of a post-war building. The tenament house is located on Belwederska Street in the Mokotów district. It is an attractive location due to the large amount of green areas in the neighborhood.

Mieszkanie przeszło gruntowny remont Ścianę zdobi obraz Iwony Kobryń

The wall is decorated with a painting by Iwona Kobryn

Photo: Zasoby Studio

The investors asked the architects to develop a comprehensive interior design project with author's supervision. The apartment is intended for rent, so the clients had no specific expectations regarding the style or color scheme of the arrangement. The designers were given full freedom in developing the project. So they decided to create an unconventional interior with a modern character, which will be saturated with colors and positive energy.

Aranżacja wypełniona jest kolorami Wyjątkowa lampa zawisła nad stołem w części jadalnianej

The arrangement is filled with colors

Photo: Zasoby Studio

Second life

Due to its technical condition, the apartment required a major renovation. Previously, the kitchen, dining room and living area were separate spaces forming a closed layout. Limited by partition walls, the interior was narrow.

- However, we found an advantage of this small apartment, which undoubtedly became two balconies located on opposite sides of the floor. We decided to use them and propose an open layout connecting the living area with the kitchen and dining room. Thanks to such a procedure, the apartment became more spacious, and the exposed space was illuminated — recalled the owners of La Fala Studio.

W sypialni znajduje się obraz Nicole Szmidt We wnętrzu znajdziemy meble vintage po renowacji

The bedroom features a painting by Nicole Szmidt

Photo: Zasoby Studio

Shaping with color

Due to the considerable height of the rooms, the area from the window glyph to the ceiling was cut off in color. This resulted in an illusory lowering of the ceiling level and a smooth transition from vertical to horizontal partition. As a result, the entire apartment is wrapped in an eye-pleasing blue hue. Such a procedure made the space cozy and pleasant to look at.

Architektki zastosowały kolorystyczne odcięcie, aby optycznie obniżyć przestrzeń Wnętrze otulone jest niebieskim odcieniem

The architects used the color cut-off to optically lower the space

Photo: Zasoby Studio

Strong accents

The existing original wooden parquet floor was also successfully restored. After repairs, it gave the interior a peculiar character. The vintage furniture was also comprehensively renovated. A recurring element of the arrangement are the arches, which were exposed on the walls, mirrors and in the details of the wall lining in the kitchen and bathroom. Attention is also drawn to the upper cabinet in the kitchen, which was finished with a pink mirror.

Powtarzającym się elementem aranżacji są łuki Górne szafki w kuchni zostały wykończone różówym lustrem

The upper cabinets in the kitchen were finished with a pink mirror

Photo: Zasoby Studio

Some sunshine

Natural light was also brought into the dark bathroom. To achieve this, the architects cut a circular opening in the wall. The effect is deepened by finishing the room in a distinctive, pleasing yellow shade. Two-color long curtains complete the arrangement.

Łazienka została urządzona w kolorze żółtym Aranżację dopełniają długie zasłony

The bathroom was decorated in yellow

Photo: Zasoby Studio

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