Life on wheels. How does a mobile house look like?

20 of November '23
w skrócie
  1. Ingrid house is the result of cooperation between Nasze Nowe studio and Tiny Smart House Poland.
  2. The mobile house has an area of 35 m2.
  3. The Tiny House meets the requirements of the traffic law.
  4. Inside the Tiny House there are two mezzanine floors.
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A mobile house, also known as a Dutch house, is a solution that above all, provides independence. But can it be decorated both aesthetically and functionally? Apparently yes!

Mobilny domek można przewieźć w dowolne miejsce

The mobile house can be transported to any location

Photo: Marta Behling/Pion Poziom

Ingrid is a year-round mobile house. The project by the Nasze Nowe studio and Tiny Smart House Poland has an area of 35 m2 and dimensions of 8 m x 2.55 m x 4 m. It weighs 3.5 tons. Thanks to such parameters, the house on wheels meets the requirements of the traffic law and can be transported to the desired location. Tiny House is designed for two people. The presented house on wheels belongs to a couple of musicians - Ingrid and her husband.

We wnętrzu urządzono dwie antresole

Two mezzanine floors have been arranged in the interior

Photo: Marta Behling/Pion Poziom

The skeleton and walls of the Tiny House were made of Scandinavian spruce. The roof is covered with seamed metal sheets. Vinyl panels were laid on the floor. Meanwhile, heating and cooling are provided by a heat pump.

Kuchnia została wyposażona we wszelkie potrzebne pełnowymiarowe sprzęty Schody prowadzące do sypialni zostały również wykorzystane jako miejsce do przechowywania

The kitchen was equipped with all the necessary full-size appliances

Photo: Marta Behling/Pion Poziom

Two mezzanines have been created in the bungalow. The first one is a cozy bedroom with closets. We can get there by staircase, which at the same time serves as storage space. On the second mezzanine architects designed a spacious dressing room with many cabinets. We can get to it by means of stairs that extend from the ceiling. Exactly the same as those commonly used in the entrance to the attic.

Sypialnia zostałą urządzona na jednej z antresoli

The bedroom was arranged on one of the mezzanine floors

Photo: Marta Behling/Pion Poziom

Of course, there is also a fully equipped kitchen and a dining area. The living room has been furnished with a comfortable sofa. The bathroom consists of a bathtub, a large washing machine and an incinerating toilet. This device eliminates waste. This makes the bungalow even more independent. The interior is filled with white, which provides a background for other color accents. A lot of glazing brings sunlight into the Tine House. The rooms, thanks to the use of light colors and the abandonment of heavy and dark curtains in favor of blinds and shutters, are bright, spacious and cozy.

Widok na kącik jadalniany z perspektywy antresoli W łazience udało się zmieścić wannę

In the bathroom it was possible to fit a bathtub

Photo: Marta Behling/Pion Poziom

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