Loft - from abandoned factory to atmospheric apartment

25 of February '22

The way we decorate our home is an art in itself. Loft is a unique style, very popular in recent years. Many people are trying to recreate its unique atmosphere in their homes - it emphasizes both austerity and sophistication.

Surowe ściany i tynk to charakterystyczne cechy tego stylu

Raw walls and plaster are characteristic features of this style

© Ramona Balaban

It used to be a factory

Loft is a style that originated from factory buildings, warehouses and workshops. The idea of using such abandoned manufactories as well as living and working quarters emerged in the 1940s in Manhattan's manufacturing district. At the time, land prices in the center of the city were rising, and industrial companies were moving to the outskirts. Empty buildings were sold for a pittance, which New York bohemians immediately took advantage of. In such spaces, artists and musicians held exhibitions, created their masterpieces and with their creative approach settled on huge open spaces. Thus, abandoned factory and warehouse areas were turned into luxurious loft-style apartments.

Loftowy styl jest odpowiedni nie tylko dla artystów

Loft style is suitable not only for artists

© Ramona Balaban

Loft? For whom?

Loft is characterized by a lot of open spaces and industrial design elements (very high ceilings, raw brick walls, exposed beams and pipes, cement flooring, etc.). This style is mainly chosen by creative, freedom-loving people who value practicality, creativity and minimalism. Despite the fact that this type of decoration should not suggest a large budget, it is considered one of the most expensive styles in design. Initially, they resemble a workshop or manufactory. However, if you take a closer look, you can see the unique features of such a house and appreciate the bold taste of its owners.

Kręcone stalowe schody idealnie wpiszą się w kompozycję

The curled steel staircase will fit perfectly into the composition of the

© Aaron Huber

The most important features of the loft style interior

Loft, as a rule, is a huge open space. Its main and characteristic features are high ceilings and the lack of partitions. Harmonious combination of different architectural solutions is the basic concept of this style. In a loft space, elements of the past (raw brick walls, aged frames, rustic ladders and ventilation systems that you can see) quite naturally look next to modern furnishings, practical lighting systems, chrome details and mirrors.

Naked structure and materials

Original loft structures have no interior walls and are mostly a large open space. Try to minimize the number of walls in your home, which will allow light and air to flow freely through the house. Materials used in lofts include raw brick walls, aged wood, architectural concrete and steel. Plumbing components like pipes and ventilation are also generally exposed. The use of neutrals and lighter shades will add a classic feature to the arrangement, while dark black accessories will accentuate it.

Loft-style furniture

This furniture is slightly different from the furnishings in standard homes. There are single displays to make the space look more open and airy. This means that the furniture is not fixed or placed against the walls. They are also often situated on high legs. Since loft interiors keep the number of walls to a minimum, the furniture should be arranged in such a way as to separate different areas. However, when it is not possible to have, only free-standing furniture, we can balance it by adding built-in furniture. This will make the space more functional while achieving the desired aesthetics.

Colors and hues

Re arranging a new home that is not originally a loft can be a little more difficult to achieve the desired effect of colors and materials. However, it is possible. If we do not have raw brick walls, we can follow the color scheme of lofts. The main color scheme should include shades of white, gray and black. Black and gray can be the tones of any steel structures throughout the house. When choosing furniture, try to introduce new colors that stand out from the walls and floors.


The characteristics of this style are usually very high windows. This allows a lot of natural light to enter the room from outside. However, our homes may not have such high ceilings or windows. To achieve a similar mood, add lighting fixtures to give the interior a traditional loft feel. These can be lamps hanging on decorative cables or track lighting. Strings of lamps along exposed beams will also add to the atmosphere. Fixtures such as Edison bulbs help create an industrial design effect.


High ceilings in loft style give us the opportunity to install a mezzanine floor. There will be stairs leading to it. Usually they will be made of steel construction. We can opt for spiral, L-shaped or U-shaped stairs. However, the disadvantage of steel stairs in a living space is that they can be quite noisy during use. To avoid this, it is better to build the staircase from wood.

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

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