How to use marble in the interior?

20 of June '23
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  1. Marble is a natural and very durable material.
  2. Marble can be used to finish floors, stairs, walls or cladding a fireplace.
  3. Due to its properties, marble works well as a kitchen countertop material.
  4. Marble trays, plates and vases are a great addition to the interior.
  5. The marble motif also appears on textiles.
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Marble is a material known to mankind for centuries. It is a component of many famous buildings and works of art, from ancient times to the present. Thanks to its unique properties and unique aesthetics, it has also gained great popularity in interior design. So how to use marble in home design?

Marmur wyróżnia się dużą trwałością

Marble is distinguished by its high durability

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Properties of marble

Marble is a type of metamorphic rock that is formed by the transformation of carbonate rocks, such as limestone or dolomite, under the influence of high pressure and temperature. It is an extremely hard and durable rock, which is characterized by beautiful patterns and colors. Marble is a component of many famous buildings and works of art, from antiquity to the present day. Its aesthetic qualities make it popular as a building and sculptural material. It can have different colors and patterns, depending on the impurities and minerals present in the bedrock. Marble is an elegant and luxurious material that can be used in many different ways in the interior. Scratch-resistant, timeless and beautiful, it has stolen the hearts of design lovers around the world.

Marmur idealnie sprawdza się jako materiał na blat kuchenny

Marble is ideal as a kitchen countertop material

Marble as an interior finishing material

Marble has become so popular that it appears in every room. It can be found not only in bathrooms and kitchens, but also in living rooms and even bedrooms. It works perfectly as a material for floors. You can choose classic white or black marble tiles, or opt for more colorful varieties. Marble flooring adds prestige and elegance to a room. Marble is also a popular material for kitchen countertops. Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean. You can choose marble in different colors and patterns to match the style of your kitchen.

Marmur sprawdza się jako okładzina ścienna

Marble works well as a wall covering

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Patrycja Rabińska © MM Architects.

A marble panel or mosaic on the wall will add a luxurious and exquisite look to the interior. You can choose to completely cover the walls with it or combine marble with other materials, such as wood or metal, to create an interesting contrast. Marble is also often used to finish fireplaces. Such a covering adds elegance to it and becomes the focal point of the room. If, on the other hand, you have a staircase in the interior, marble can be an ideal material for finishing it. Marble stair treads will add elegance and become a design element of the interior.

Marmurowa okładzina kominka nada wnętrzu elegancji

Marble lining of the fireplace will add elegance to the interior

Photo: Emilia Schudy, Małgorzata Zbierska, Paweł Lesiczka © Monarchia Design

Accessories with marble design

A substitute for this precious material is now available to everyone. Nowadays on the market you can find many everyday objects and decorations with a marble motif. The characteristic veins and streaks decorate ceramic objects such as plates, lamp bases and jewelry boxes. However, the pattern can also be found, for example, on boxes and even textiles such as towels and bedding.

Motyw marmuru pojawia się również na pościeli

The marble motif also appears on bed linens

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