Modern apartment for a bachelor

23 of February '24
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  1. The studio apartment was furnished for a young IT specialist.
  2. The project was created by Marta Iglewska and Radosław Wójcik of the Interiorsy studio.
  3. The apartment has 130 sqm.
  4. The open living room consists of a seating area, a dining room and a kitchenette with a large island.
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Marta Iglewska and Radosław Wójcik of Interiorsy studio have furnished an apartment for a young IT specialist. This studio apartment is far from the stereotypical cramped interiors. The architects had as much as 130 m² at their disposal.

Aranżacja w odcieniach szarości, czerni i brązów ma męski charakter

The arrangement in shades of gray, black and brown has a masculine character

Photo by Bartek Zaborowski

Keeping the balance

Designing an apartment for a single person offers great possibilities. The arrangement can fully express the personality and passions of the owner who does not have to make any compromises. At the same time, the task of architects is to somewhat „tame” these visions, so that the apartment is ergonomic and functional.

- Each project is an interesting adventure, but also a new challenge. This time we had to arrange an apartment for a young single guy who is an IT specialist and his second passion is cooking. So a spacious kitchen with an island and a view of the living room and dining area became a priority. Since, contrary to what is commonly said about IT professionals, in this particular case friends frequent the apartment, hence the comfortable sofas make the meetings more pleasant while cooking and playing board games together — say architects from Interiorsy studio.

Thus, a spacious apartment for a single is modern, minimalist, yet elegant and conducive to socializing. Above all, however, it fully reflects the owner's personality and helps to develop his passions.

Strefa dzienna ma otwarty układ

The living area has an open layout

Photo by Bartek Zaborowski

In a masculine tone

The living room is a place of relaxation. Subdued colors, maintained in a neutral palette, are calming, but also emphasize the masculine character of the interior. Various shades of gray, distinctive black furnishings and dark muted brown build an atmosphere known from loft style. It is emphasized by matte surfaces and limited to a minimum furnishings, whose light, simple forms make the interior orderly and spacious. In turn, wood and fabrics add coziness, breaking the austere character of the interior.

- Grays, blacks and browns did not appear here by accident. These are the favorite colors of the owner, who feels the best in this color scheme. We decided to use his individual preferences to emphasize the masculine character of the arrangement. Hence the interior is maintained in a slightly cool loft style, while adhering to the "less is more" principle. So we limited the furnishings to a minimum, choosing matte surface finishes and furniture with a simple and light body. This allowed us to add a kind of ethereality to the dark colors chosen by the owner, providing the sense of spaciousness, cleanliness and order. From our perspective, these are very important elements that significantly affect the comfort of the interior. We also added subtle gold accents in the form of pumas or lamps, which make the space more presentable — recall architects Marta Iglewska and Radosław Wójcik.

Meble wypoczynkowe zostały ułożone w taki sposób, aby salon był otwarty na resztę strefy dziennejStonowaną aranżację uzupełniają złote dodatki

The subdued arrangement is complemented by gold accessories

Photo by Bartek Zaborowski

Chic kitchen

A touch of glamour is introduced by carefully selected gold-colored accessories and lighting. This makes the arrangement chic and elegant. The social character of the interior is also emphasized by the furniture arrangement itself. Comfortable sofas, stand in such a way that the lounge space is open to the rest of the living area. In addition to the living room, it also includes a dining area and a kitchen designed as an annex. This allows the host to chat with guests even while preparing meals. The kitchen also features a sizable island. It provides enough space to invite friends to cook together. The furniture cabinetry is kept in subdued colors. Meanwhile, the equipment has been hidden behind its matte fronts. Thanks to this, the annex blends perfectly into the background and allows the interior to maintain its living room character. Black countertops with a stone pattern and gold accessories, such as the kitchen faucet, add elegance. These elements stylistically unite the kitchen's design with the lounge area, making everything cohesive.

Kuchnia wtapia się w resztę strefy dziennej

The kitchen blends in with the rest of the living area

Photo by Bartek Zaborowski

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