Natural interior of a seaside apartment

12 of September '22

The view from the window can become an inspiration for interior design. This was the case for architect Karolina Figel of LINE studio, for whom the view of the blue sky over the shimmering sea became an unrivaled theme.

Pomieszczenie utrzymane jest w naturalnych barwach

The room is kept in natural colors

© LINE Karolina Figel

The interior was created in such a way as to expose the charm of the landscape. The unique location of the apartment at the very port of Gdynia with a view of the sea stimulates the senses. Karolina Figiel and Karolina Jankowska, who assisted her, were keen to ensure that the materials, objects and accessories they chose had the right scent, shape, texture or temperature.

Widok z okna

View from the window

© LINE Karolina Figel

The apartment received a new layout, in which first of all the wall between the living room and bedroom was demolished. This created a brightened, open plan with a glass wall in a wooden frame and a view of the city skyline running through almost the entire length of the apartment. As a result, homebuyers can easily immerse themselves in the calm, tranquil interior. The soothing, bright colors, minimalism, soft form of objects and plenty of natural materials have a calming and therapeutic effect. We can sense structures taken from the natural world, which fascinates with its controlled chaos and diversity. The apartment was also designed with future photo or film shoots in mind, which can take place inside.


Living room

© LINE Karolina Figel

The dominant pure white and a lot of light wood may bring to mind one of the elegant yachts we see in the distance. In the interior, we are wrapped in soft linen in shades of white and cool beige. Natural wood in muted colors harmoniously binds the character of the apartment. Thanks to the use of soft colors, the sense of sight can rest and direct the gaze to the calm water outside the window. Among the accessories you will find wicker baskets, linen of varying weights, raw clay ceramics or an armchair made of abaca, a durable fiber made from banana leaves. The choice of such materials was not accidental. The designers wanted textures that would have a positive effect on the viewer and stimulate his senses. The scent of seagrass, which was used in the bedroom, spreads throughout the apartment, providing refreshment.



© LINE Karolina Figel

Getting rid of superfluous elements and functional use of space gave the effect of order and cleanliness. A minimalist door leads to a small corridor, where there is a closet. Another sliding door reveals a bathroom kept in a minimalist, calm atmosphere. The bedroom provides a personal resting area. With linen curtains reaching to the ground and a glass wall, you can lock yourself in a cozy nook at any time, a land of softness and lightness of fabrics and a breath of fresh breeze coming in from the open terrace. The amount of soft fabrics found in the bedroom has a positive effect on the acoustics. The sense of hearing in this space is soothed, which significantly contributes to relaxation.

Kuchnia Łazienka

Kitchen and bathroom

© LINE Karolina Figel

Carpentry cabin etry made to measure is a form in which economy of decoration plays an important role. Everything has its place, there is peace and order, which does not distract from thoughts. The kitchen consists of a single block, filled with numerous drawers and cabinets. The alcove and the island, made of the same materials, provide a comfortable place to work. Opening the space to a small living room optically enlarges it.

Development: Katarzyna Szostak

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