Small or uncluttered interior? Opt for sliding doors

29 of August '22

Choosing furnishings for small rooms can be quite a challenge. Often this is hampered by alcoves, bevels, high ceilings, stairs, an open floor plan or, on the contrary, shredding the space with partitions.

Drzwi przesuwne w łatwy sposób wydzielą strefy w mieszkaniu

Sliding doors will easily separate zones in the apartment


The kitchen way

If our kitchen is also to serve as a meeting place or connects to the living room, it is worth separating the kitchen annex with a system of glass walls and sliding doors. This solution will provide access to light, while limiting the spread of smells and noise. A way to keep kitchen clutter under control is to hide appliances, accessories and food behind sliding or folding doors. Their fronts can easily match the interior design. We can choose from a variety of wood decors, faithfully reproducing the grain drawing and texture. Lacquered glass in the color of your choice and gloss or matte finish will also always work. A thin layer of concrete on the fronts will also give a very interesting effect.

Drzwi przesuwne w kuchni ograniczą rozchodzenie się zapachów i hałasu

Sliding doors in the kitchen will reduce the spread of odors and noise

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Small interior - lots of storage space

Cabinets are some of the largest pieces of furniture in the house. However, it is not always easy to find a model that size fits the interior and meets our expectations in terms of appearance. The savior is fully personalized furniture. Bet on bookcases with an aluminum structure or those made of panels. These are technologically and aesthetically excellent solutions. In small apartments we especially appreciate order. First of all, because it gives a sense of space. With a small area, all kinds of storage space will work best. Under the stairs, window sills, in alcoves and near doors and windows. It is worth maintaining their uniform style, which will allow you to order these solutions from one manufacturer. Systems ordered to size allow you to build in any place, including bevels. Thanks to them we will develop the space from floor to ceiling.

Szafa na wymiar pozwoli na maksymalne wykorzystanie przestrzeni

Customized closet will allow you to maximize the use of space

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Controlled madness

Arranging a children's room will not be a problem if we use the entire height of the room. Children love bunk beds and mezzanine sleeping areas. On the other hand, the space underneath can be used for a desk, a reading and play area or an extra bed. A large walk-in closet can also be organized in this space. This will hide clothes, toys or books behind sliding doors. The fronts can be covered with blackboard paint, on which the child can draw to his heart's content. thematic wallpaper is also ideal.

Interesująca tapeta idealnie sprawdzi się w pokoju dziecięcym

Interesting wallpaper will be perfect for a child's room

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Elaboration: Katarzyna Szostak

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