Pre-war apartment with a hint of vintage

07 of February '23

The 54-square-meter apartment, located in a post-German villa hidden in the midst of a wild garden in Wrocław's Krzyki district, required an enormous amount of work. Nevertheless, the owner with an artistic soul saw great potential in it.

Marriage of history and modernity

The main goal for the architects from emwe studio was to find themselves in the context of the place and its surroundings and to undertake adialogue between the past and the present while respecting the expectations of the residents.

Aneks kuchenny miał przypominać przedwojenną komodę w nowoczesnym wydaniu Przy dębowym stolem znajdziemy bauhausowe krzesła

The kitchen annex was to resemble a pre-war commode in a modern way

© emwe studio of architecture

Functional changes

The functional layout was completely changed to fit the space to the needs of the owners while opening the living area to the garden. A splayed cube highlighted with subtle beige hid the bathroom, pantry and high kitchen. A brick wall with an arch left behind subtly divided the space into a living and bedroom area. The architects intended the kitchenette, which is an integral part of the living room in its form, to resemble a pre-war dresser in a modern edition. The oak table enriched with crystals found in the attic was to connect the kitchen with the lounge area and be exposed on the axis of the entrance to the apartment. The problematic location of the chimney in the middle of the bathroom became an asset and naturally separated the bathing area in the bathroom.

W łazience znajdziemy historyczne elementy Komin w łazience wyznacza strefę kąpielową

The chimney in the bathroom delineates the bathing zone

© emwe architecture studio

Designer accessories

The simple design of the interior with subtle colorswas enriched with vintage accessories that emphasize the pre-war character of the architecture. Beige and white are interspersed in the interior with distinctive wood stains, black leather and gold and chrome accents. The minimalist architecture provides the perfect backdrop for the Bauhaus Wassily Chair designed by Marcel Breuer and the iconic Gubi Semi lamp. In addition, the interior displays several other gems found in the building's attic, including a painting and sconces in the kitchen. These additions are of special value to the owners, as they are mementos of the building's earlier occupants.

Ceglana ściana dzieli przestrzeń na strefę dzienną i sypialnianą W salonie znajduje się szafka na winyle

A brick wall divides the space into a living and bedroom area

© emwe architecture studio

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