Private space full of stucco and gold

30 of November '23
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  1. The house belongs to architect Agnieszka Konieczna from Ambience. Interior Design.
  2. Private area consists of a bedroom, bathroom and two studies.
  3. The color base of the project consists of white, black and gray.
  4. The recurring motifs of this arrangement are stucco, marble pattern and gold.
  5. For more interesting information, visit the main page of the PdD portal.

Previously, we have already presented the living zone and kitchen of Agnieszka Konieczna's house. Today we take a look at the arrangement of the private zone.

A stylish mix

The private area is located on the first floor. Besides bathroom, it consists of a bedroom and two studies. White, black and gray create a color base of these rooms. In many places you can also see tiles imitating marble and gold accents. These arrangements exemplify a modern interior, where different styles intermingle.

- There is a lot of stucco on the walls, which I personally love! Also, I have put a rarely used portal bio-fireplace in my office — describes the architect, Agnieszka Konieczna.

Architektce zależało na stworzeniu dwóch osobnych miejsc do pracy

The architect wanted to create two separate places for work

Photo: Tom Kurek

A corridor full of contrasts

Let's start by paying attention to the corridor. In this case, it is not just a passageway, but also a space with a bold decorative element. It's a wallpaper that fully covers one of the walls. The white and gray graphic depicts a pattern reminiscent of those appearing on famous Turkish carpets. It also hides the entrance to the bathroom, which, thanks to the use of the same wallpaper on the door, is almost invisible. The rest of the walls have been covered with coffee-toned paint. However an interesting juxtaposition is created by the contrast between the black ceiling and the light-colored floor tiled in a marble pattern. The balustrade, composed solely of a sheet of smoked glass, provides security, while being a modern touch that contrasts well with the classic elements of the design.

Jedna ze ścian w korytarzu została pokryta zdobną tapetą Prosta szklana balustrada dodaje nowoczesnego charakteru

One of the walls in the corridor was covered with decorative wallpaper

Photo: Tom Kurek

In golden light

The focal point of the bedroom is a large upholstered bed. The headboard, covered with gray velour, has been equipped with electrical outlets. This practical solution is especially important due to the fact that the furniture does not stand against the wall. A lot of varied lighting was used here. On a small gold table next to the bed there is a black and white lamp with a lampshade in the form of a ball. Meanwhile, above the bed hangs a striking spreading lamp resembling a branch. The architect also took advantage of the slant under which the bed is located, hanging another light fixture on it. This time these are two lamps with an interesting elongated form.

Czarna ściana została ozdobiona sztukaterią

The black wall was decorated with stucco

Photo: Tom Kurek

A prominent element in the design of this room is a black wall decorated with a lot of stucco. It features a television and a big mirror. The monolithic combination of the dark wall and screen was broken with a contrasting white cabinet and a light-colored floor. A beauty corner was arranged behind the bed. Old desk in a classic shape functions here as a dressing table. The vintage-style furniture was covered with black paint. This element is another example of an interesting combination of modernity and tradition. Everything is complemented by a golden standing lamp and a modern chair upholstered in the same fabric as the bed.

Klasyczne biurko spełnia funkcję toaletki W sypialni architektka wykorzystała różne rodzaje oświetlenia

The classic desk fulfills the function of a dressing table

Photo: Tom Kurek

Two versions of the home office

The architect wanted to create separate work areas for herself and her husband. The designer's office is a consistent stylistic continuation. On the white walls, stucco appears again. This time marble takes the form of a desk with gold legs, and the contrast is achieved with a black fireplace. The mirror above it optically enlarges the space and beautifully reflects the illuminated bookcase placed opposite. Everything is complemented by a golden coffee table and a small gray sofa, which is a great place to spend moments of relaxation or receive guests.

W swoim gabinecie Agnieszka Konieczna umieściła biokominek portalowy

In her office, Agnieszka Konieczna placed a portal bio-fireplace

Photo: Tom Kurek

The second home office is a darker version of the architect's study. Here, the white wall is also covered with stucco, however, it smoothly transitions into a massive black cabinet. This furniture is a great place to store all the necessary documents. It is also a place for a television. The dark wooden desk has the golden legs we already know from the previous room. Right next to it is placed a capacious cabinet consisting of two parts. The first is built-in, while the second is an illuminated bookcase, similar to the one in the designer's office. Similarly, there is also a lounge area. The gray sofa is complemented by an armchair and tables with a marble patterned top.

Masywna czarna zabudowa kontrastuje z białą ścianą

The massive black built-in contrasts with the white wall

Photo: Tom Kurek

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