Twin arrangements of children's rooms

28 of September '23
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  1. The project was created by Julita Bojańczyk of Deer Design.
  2. The house belongs to a married couple with two children.
  3. The youngest tenants are of similar age, so the parents wanted them to have a common space.
  4. The arrangements are similar to each other, but differ in color scheme.
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      The house designed by Julita Bojańczyk of Deer Design belongs to a married couple with two children. She is Polish, he comes from Malta. The investors decided to leave husband's homeland for Niegoszowice, near Cracow.

      W pokoju dla dziewczynki dominuje połączenie tradycyjnego drewna z pastelowym różem

      The girl's room is dominated by a combination of traditional wood and pastel pink

      © Deer Design

      Shared space

      The youngest tenants are of similar age, so the parents wanted the siblings to spend as much time together as possible. They decided on two separate rooms, which are, however, connected by a glass door. In this way, an open space was designed for playing together. It can be closed at any time when the children need a break from each other. The room arrangements have many features in common, but differ in color.

      Pokoje są połączone za pomocą przeszklonych drzwi

      The rooms are connected by glass doors

      © Deer Design

      Individual expression

      The space for the boy is filled with light wood combined with tones of gray and warm yellow. In the girl's, traditional wood is combined with pastel pink. The walls are decorated with wallpaper with motifs that match the children's tastes. At the boy's room it is an illustration depicting a quad bike race. The girl's room, on the other hand, is decorated with a floral composition with an image of a white bunny.

      Pokoje są podobne, różnią się jednak kolorami

      The rooms are similar, but differ in colors

      © Deer Design

      With a plan for the future

      Modern beds with an additional pull-out place to sleep have been inserted into the niches, created after the wall was built in with closets. This is a nod to small guests who will want to spend the night with their friends. Long countertops are combined with shelves for books and toys. In the future, when the children grow up, they can serve as desks.

      Jasne drewno, szarość i odcienie żółtego składają się na kompozycję pokoju dla chłopca

      Light wood, gray and shades of yellow make up the composition of the boy's room

      © Deer Design

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      Compiled by:KATARZYNA SZOSTAK

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