How to decorate a child's room? Review of the most interesting arrangements

01 of June '23

On June 1, we celebrate International Children's Day. On this occasion, we present 5 arrangements that will inspire you to furnish your little one's room.

Fairytale world on three levels

The rounded door invites you into a somewhat magical world from the start. The architect, Jan Sekuła of Zarysy studio, made sure that the room is an inspiring little world of its own for the child. Three separate zones were designed on 3 levels: study, play and sleep. To build these three levels, it was necessary to create a staircase. However, Jan Sekuła wanted to avoid designing them in a typical shape. This is how a plywood building with an irregular topographic shape was created, which looks very modern. The mezzanine in the form of a wooden tree house looks extremely impressive. A dark night sky full of stars was painted on the ceiling of the house. Meanwhile, a motif of mountains made of plywood appears on one of the walls.

You can read more about this arrangement HERE

Trzypoziomowy pokój dziecięcy

Three-level children's room

Photo: Tomo Yarmush

Room for a little climber

What makes this room most interesting and remarkable is the climbing wall section. Handles attached to the wall, allow the little athlete's passion to be practiced even in the room. There is also a comfortable seat suspended in the room, which also serves as a swing, and one of the walls serves as a whiteboard, making this space creative and stimulating for children's imagination.

You can read more about the POCO Design project HERE

Pokój projektu POCO Design Room designed by POCO Design

© 3d render: Mateusz Jakubczyk

With unique wallpaper

Domagała Design studio is responsible for this project. Cool white is intertwined here with a mysterious shade of navy blue. The wallpaper on one of the walls is printed densely with trees, which stimulate the imagination, encouraging walks - the imaginary ones, of course - through the fabulous forest. Lamps in the form of large white balls illuminate the room. During the day, they look like light clouds suspended from the ceiling .

You can read more about the project HERE

Room with unique wallpaper

© Ayuko Studio

Among the balloons

In the interior of The Wall studio's design, you will find a classic parquet floor and delicate white on the walls. However, it is broken by a cohesive built-in in a girly pink color. Here we can also find a wall-mounted bookcase easily accessible to the child. Delicate pink forms arcaded semicircles on the walls. An extra-long desk in the form of a white top has been adapted for studying. However, the most interesting solution remains the lamps in the shape of yellow and white balloons.

You can read more about the project HERE

Lampy w kształcie balonówLamps in the shape of balloons

Photo by Magdalena Łojewska Vey photography, © The Wall - Pracownia Architektury

For a soccer enthusiast

Patrycja Gubernat from the studio Metro by Metro created a room for a boy passionate about football. On the floor you will find panels arranged in a herringbone pattern and a carpet resembling a ball. One of the walls is decorated by white wallpaper with black rectangles. A blue pouffe serves as a seat here. The bed, on the other hand, is located on an elevated platform and the staircase to get to it is composed of pull-out drawers. Under the bed a closet has been located. There is no shortage of football motifs - balls in the net, a painted goal or posters with idols. The color motifs that prevail are whites and delicate shades of blue.

You can read more about the project HERE

Pokój dla fana piłki nożnej

Room for a football fan

© Metro by Metro

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