Bright colors and round forms. Subtle arrangement of a feminine apartment

28 of May '24
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  1. The project was created by Hola Design studio.
  2. The apartment is located in Warsaw's Bemowo district.
  3. The apartment has 120 m2.
  4. All the furniture was made according to the individual design of Hola Design.
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Hola Design studio created a sophisticated arrangement of a Warsaw apartment. The investors are young women who wanted the interiors to help them relax after a busy day.

Subtle serenity

The apartment is located in Bemowo, adjacent to a park. The arrangement of the 120-square-meter apartment is delicate and feminine. Light colors, soft forms and golden details create an interior that provides a peaceful retreat amid the busy life of the capital.

- After a busy day, one is greeted by soothing hues, gentle shapes and the coziness of home. Many active women will understand this need perfectly," explains Monika Bronikowska, co-owner of Hola Design studio.

Mieszkanie ma 120 metrów kwadratowych

The apartment is 120 square meters

Photo by Yassen Hristov

Harmony of bright colors

Although the interiors are bright, the architects tried to avoid the obvious white. Instead, you will find powder pink, écru and pastels. Thanks to the use of such colors, the apartment is illuminated and thus seems more spacious. The whole is complemented by gold details, which add a sophisticated touch.

Aranżacja jest jasna, ale nie opiera się na bieli

The arrangement is bright, but does not rely on white

Photo by Yassen Hristov

Elegant functionality

The soft color scheme is matched by the edgy shapes of the furnishings and the pleasing textures of the upholstered furniture and textile accessories. The walls and ceilings are decorated with delicate stucco, and wallpaper with integrated gold trim adds a touch of elegance.

- For the residents, the priority was not only aesthetics, but also the functionality of the home, Hola Design architects point out.

Ściany i blaty pokrywa naturalny kamień

The walls and countertops are covered with natural stone

Photo: Yassen Hristov

So the designers used materials distinguished by their durability and classic elegance. The floor is covered with brushed oak. On the walls and countertops you will find natural stone. All the furniture was made according to Hola Design's individual design. The architects decided to finish the kitchen annex with lacquered fronts. This makes the annex look elegant, but at the same time resistant to the harsh conditions of the area.

Czarny stół i niebieskie krzesła przełamują stonowaną aranżację

A black table and blue chairs break the subdued arrangement

Photo by Yassen Hristov

A place for relaxation

The open living area is connected to the kitchen. This place is the heart of the apartment. The uniformity of the color palette is broken by a black round table, set in the center of the living room. Attention is also drawn here by blue soft chairs, which add warmth and character to the arrangement. At the same time, they harmonize with the neutral colors of the interior. The subtle arrangement of the TV wall blends harmoniously with the rest of the decor. In addition, its upholstered finish effectively muffles sounds.

Sercem apartamentu jest strefa dzienna

The heart of the apartment is the living area

Photo by Yassen Hristov

Consistent arrangement

The bathroom was decorated in warm tones. Bright tiles are complemented by the natural grain of the marble, and gold fixtures add a subtle glow. A laundry room was also hidden in the dressing room. This not only made efficient use of space, but also created a convenient storage area.

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