Cozy variety in living room and bathroom design

14 of June '22

We have mentioned {tag:pracownie} on the pages of our portal more than once. Today we present the arrangement of a bedroom combined with a bathroom, which are private parts of the house with patchwork design.

A space tamed

The bedroom space is extremely cozy. This is influenced not only by the materials used, but also by their variety and the accumulation of quite a number of objects here. This gives us a sense of tameness of the space, and thus warmth and security.

Sypialnia urządzona w przytulnym klimacie Sypialnia urządzona w przytulnym klimacie

The bedroom was decorated in a cozy, a bit rustic atmosphere

© Ayuko Studio

This interior combines cool colors and warm colors. The light gray shade of the walls introduces a breath of freshness, while the depth of navy blue adds mystery and makes the interior enveloping and calms the senses.

Above the bed, the wall is upholstered with boards. Rough in expression, rustic, but above all a dominant accent, above the headboard is combined with a subtle profiled cornice. This is quite a bold and original juxtaposition, which meets additionally with a perpendicular wall, painted in yet another character - imitating fog, breaking through the evening sky.

Also noteworthy here are minimalist elements, such as bedside tables, a bookshelf or aesthetically designed sliding glass doors, used in the passage to the bathing area.

 Łazienka jest zestawieniem wielu materiałów i form Łazienka jest zestawieniem wielu materiałów i form

The bathroom is a patchwork juxtaposition of contrasting materials and forms

© Ayuko Studio

Patchwork bathroom

The bathroom is also full of contrasting combinations. Let's pay attention, for example, to the tiles used in the shower. This is a composition of three types of them, completely different in style. However, the free, seemingly unlimited combination has a common feature - the color scheme. Gray and white emphasize the sterility of this room and optically enlarge it. Its small size was also offset by introducing a wide mirror opposite the entrance.

Elaboration: Liwia Sus

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