Moving on... Hallway and kitchen of an eclectic house

13 of May '22

Quite recently, in the pages of our portal, we described the unusual interior of the living room in the eclectic version. Today, continuing the theme, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the other spaces of this house - the hallway and the kitchen. We would like to remind you that the arrangement is part of the project presented by the Warsaw studio DOMagała design.

 Finezyjny żyrandol w przedpokoju

A fine chandelier in the hallway

© Ayuko Studio

Hallway bright and cheerful

Heading towards the kitchen, upon entering the house, we encounter the hallway, which is an extremely aesthetically pleasing space. Here we are welcomed by the fine form of the chandelier, which is a free composition made of gently stiffened, striped material. Suspended in a subtle way, it gives the impression of white, crisp smoke spreading in the air. This shape certainly looks great both during the day and in the evenings, with the light on.

The expressive element is a dominant feature, against the white wall and smooth cabinet fronts. Color-wise, the poufs stand out here, in the form of different sized cylinders. Covered with velour material (as if borrowed from the glamour style), they encourage momentary rest.

Also notable is the grand staircase running along the hallway and continuing on the living room wall. They are solid and balanced in expression. The black, simple form of the balustrade, set in a snow-white plinth, emphasizes the arrangement in a drawing way.

Zabudowa meblowa kuchni Kuchnia w stylu eklektycznym

Mixed style kitchen

© Ayuko Studio

Modern decorated kitchen

Thekitchen is dominated by cold colors, whites and grays, which emphasize the neatness and aesthetics of the place. Simple facades of the cabinets, give attention to the eye-catching, floor made of tiles with a three-dimensional pattern. It does not particularly clash with the completely different style of marble, which is used for countertops and parts of the walls. Its flowing pattern in a light shade of gray, in turn, refers to the wooden built-in cabinets, adjacent to the gable wall. Here it is very interesting to build the space up to the very bevel, which perfectly closes the composition.

In the center of the room is a kitchen island with a worktop, under which are hidden hockers with a typical loft design. This part of the kitchen is also illuminated by lamps with industrial-style shades. In addition, this room has lighting mounted on rails, so it is possible to change the position of the lamps.

Jadalnia o eklektycznym charakterze

Dining room with an eclectic character

© Ayuko Studio

A dialogue between modernity and the past

Adjacent to the open kitchen, the dining room, on the other hand, presents a combination of rustic atmosphere and elegant glamour. It consists of three forms. The most noble and stylish is the wooden table. It is worth noting the so-called staples, which occur in the middle of the tabletop. This is a kind of decorative joint, betraying the contemporary renovation of the furniture. This trend is also being woven into newly designed wooden furniture. The chairs with quilted upholstery arranged around the table are a bold combination, but in the overall patchwork interior, it doesn't glamourize us.

Thelighting of the dining room is provided by an artistic glass sphere, with an irregular shape, which becomes a link between the elegance and austerity of the whole arrangement.

Elaboration: Liwia Sus

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