Interior filled with clever solutions

30 of January '23

The presented apartment has an identical layout and square footage as the previously shown interior designed by Monika Niemiec. This time a specialist  who creates custom furniture on a daily basis - is responsible for the arrangement.

The 70 m2 consists of a guest toilet and bathroom, an office, a bedroom, a dressing room and a spacious living room with a kitchen. The author of the project emphasized experimentation with practical and unconventional solutions. Komandor Pomerania Branch is responsible for the design of all furniture, its manufacture and installation.

Living area

Room is dominated by dark colors. Kitchen island is in the center of the room. This interior was created for people who like to cook and spend time on culinary experiments. The entire development has been precisely planned to accommodate equipment and furnishings, so you can find pull-out shelves, rotating storage compartments or household appliances conveniently located in the built-in cabinets here. An important element is the precisely planned lighting - not only over the work zone at the kitchen island, but also under the countertop and in the cabinets. This makes the interior look modern and light - despite the dark countertops or island casing.

 Strefa otwarta została urządzona w jasnych barwach

The open space was decorated in light colors

Photo: Michal Bidziuch/FotoSpark © Komandor

The dining room has been located just below the window, so it can be naturally illuminated by plenty of sunlight. There is no clearly marked relaxation or living room area - design was made for people who lead dynamic and active lives, mostly outside the home. However, the spacious living room area makes it easy to arrange the apartment temporarily for social gatherings or family events with a larger group of people.

Dressing room

The design of the dressing room assumes the use of only side walls. A tubular system was used in the upper part for hanging clothes. The lower development is a combination of open shelves and pull-out drawers. Thanks to that things can be conveniently stored in cardboard boxes, boxes or just in plain sight. Optically, the dressing room is enlarged by a large mirror and well-planned lighting. Comfortable seating is a nice touch, making the use of this space even more pleasant.

W garderobie znajduje się puf, który ułatwia korzystanie z wnętrza

The dressing room features comfortable seating which makes  the  space even more pleasant to use

Photo: Michal Bidziuch/FotoSpark © Komandor


The light-colored front finished in wood décor is vibrant and blends well with the green tiles on the wall and in the shower area. The room is bright and spacious. Black color appears only on the thin countertop and in the profiles of the shower stall, the fixtures and on the flush button. Interestingly, you can't find any built-ins above the toilet. What is left there is an open shelf, which can be freely arranged. This makes the bathroom seem a bit more spacious. The cabinet under the sink is suspended, which makes cleaning under it easy.

Zielone płytki ożywiają wnętrze

Green tiles enliven the interior

Photo: Michal Bidziuch/FotoSpark © Komandor

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