Interior in shades of dark chocolate

06 of March '23

The Warsaw apartment, designed by the MIKOŁAJSKAstudio , is distinguished by a less obvious dark color palette. It is dominated by shades of dark chocolate and graphite.

Mieszkanie w barwach ciemnej czekolady

Apartment in the colors of dark chocolate


Bold colors

The realization of this 70-square-meter apartment was a challenge, among other things, due to the unusual style that the owners chose. Sterile white, which accompanies the investors every day at work, deliberately gave way to a distinctive dark color scheme. The wish of the owners, who turned to MIKOLAJSKAstudio for help, was elegant interiors that encourage relaxation, combining contemporary luxury with metropolitan comfort. The use of few dominant materials and extraordinary attention to detail, allowed to create a tailor-made project.

- The investors wanted to create a contemporary and elegant space. The apartment was to be a safe haven, a place for rest and tranquility. Due to daily work in very bright, sterile interiors, the owners wanted variety - dark colors, dim light and moody surroundings - explains Ida Mikołajska, architect, co-owner of MIKOŁAJSKAstudio.

Kuchnia z jadalnią

Kitchen with dining room


Minimalist hallway

The entrance area is a hallway from which you can go to the private and living area. It was designed in a minimalist manner - the floor is covered with gray stoneware tiles, neatly transitioning into dark brown parquet. The architects made sure that the small space has room for a built-in closet and a small console.

Minimalistyczny hol

Minimalist hall


Cohesive living area

The living room, connected to the open kitchen, perfectly blends with the whole apartment. Everything fits together perfectly here - from the dark tiles, arranged in a simple geometric pattern, through the contrasting quartz sinter used in the kitchen, to the wooden laths. In the lounge area you'll find a gray comfortable modular sofa, as well as a corner bio-fireplace.

Strefa wypoczynkowa z biokominkiem

Lounge area with bio-fireplace


The kitchen cabinetry blends in color with the rest of the apartment. Dark brown fronts, harmonize with black elements, giving the room an elegant flair. Also impressive is the kitchen island, which transitions into a table, where there is room for a minibar, among other things.

Kuchnia z ciemnobrązowymi frontami

Kitchen with dark brown fronts


Elegant bedroom

The bedroom is elegant and cozy at the same time. The first fiddle here is played by a large bed upholstered in dark gray fabric with a soft headboard. The wall behind the bed is finished with patterned sinter and anthracite fins.

Sypialnia z łóżkiem tapicerowanym

Bedroom with upholstered bed


A color scheme that helps to focus

The owners also wanted a home office. The office was arranged in a small room. Here stood a desk for two people and a comfortable sofa on which to overnight guests. The dark, calm color palette is conducive to calmness and concentration on work.

Niewielki gabinet

A small office


Bathroom in dark wood

Consistency in the materials and colors used can also be seen in the bathroom. There, too, you will find a bold combination of elegant dark wood and anthracite tiles.

Łazienka z antracytowymi płytkami

Bathroom with anthracite tiles


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