Interior in the colors of an autumn morning

04 of November '22

A trio of architects from the Kres Architekci studio is responsible for the project called Foggy. Ewelina Ozdoba, Daria Asadchaya and Anna Szostkowska created an interior for a married couple with pets. The main design goal was to create a minimalist but atmospheric space.

Strefa wejściowa

Entrance area

Photo: Ewelina Ozdoba, Ewa Kaplarczyk

In the space of nearly 90 sqm, the kitchen space with an island, dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom and entrance zone were arranged. There was also room for a pantry. The realization was carried out in a turnkey system, where the designers, together with their executive teams, carried out all the construction, carpentry and finishing works.


Living room

Photo: Ewelina Ozdoba, Ewa Kaplarczyk

Colors of an autumn morning

The color scheme of the project was inspired by a misty autumn morning, hence also its name. As a base, the designers proposed grays, combined with warm, chocolate shades of wood contrasted with soft, textured fabrics. Subtle accents in the form of matte black accessories, such as hockers, fixtures and bathroom ceramics, also play a unique role in the juxtaposition.

- The realization of Foggy is unique for our studio in many ways. We created an uncompromising in terms of execution, a space that strongly affects the user and is memorable. I believe that we managed to maintain a balance between dark, bold tones, loved by the Investors, and a cozy and soothing atmosphere. Working with Investors on this project was not only a wonderful challenge for us, but also a pure pleasure. We are grateful for the trust we were bestowed with during the design path, as well as the entire finishing process. We should also mention our reliable co-workers and their full commitment, which contributed to such an exceptional result," says Ewelina Ozdoba.



Photo: Ewelina Ozdoba, Ewa Kaplarczyk

Play of structures and light

A very important consideration when designing this interior was the use of various structures, emphasized by the soft light coming in through the spacious windows. The selected textures are also juxtaposed in such a way that they complement each other, creating a harmonious whole. Among other things, we have individually stained, delicately brushed, veneered furniture fronts, combined with smooth marble-toned stoneware. In addition, another type of stoneware appears here, with a deep texture, highlighted by warm lighting, which was juxtaposed with smooth matte lacquered fronts. Chocolate matte wood flooring was combined with graphite concrete with a deep, even raw texture.

Strefa dzienna

Living area

Photo: Ewelina Ozdoba, Ewa Kaplarczyk

Varied structure

Great importance was also attached to building the layering of the spaces themselves. This effect was achieved through the use of openwork fin s as a balustrade at the stairs and fluted glass on the sliding doors separating the vestibule space from the living area.


Dining room

Photo: Ewelina Ozdoba, Ewa Kaplarczyk

A touch of gentleness

In order to balance the composition and introduce a bit of gentleness to the seemingly austere structures, forms with soft shapes were introduced into the interior. A semicircular mirror in the entrance area resonates with the geometric shapes of the kitchen cabinetry and island. The circle sandblasted on the mirror in the bathroom is an opposition to the strong solidity of the overhanging countertop. The circular lamps hanging above the table complement the dynamic lines of the wooden ceiling, which is an accent to the kitchen and dining area. The living room, meanwhile, features a soft, comfortable sofa that opens to a wide, horizontal fireplace, which is the heart of this part of the house.



Photo: Ewelina Ozdoba, Ewa Kaplarczyk

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