Living area filled with pastels

22 of November '23
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  1. The living area is part of an apartment in Wrocław intended for long-term rental.
  2. The interior design was created by architects from Decoroom studio.
  3. The arrangement is kept in subdued blue.
  4. The furnishings were made by Decoroom carpentry shop.
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Previously, we have already looked at a bedroom decorated in pastel pink and a bathroom in a shade of millenial pink, both of which are part of a short-term rental apartment in Wrocław. Today we conclude our visit to the interior made by Decoroom studio architects with a look at the arrangement of the living area.

Beautiful and practical

Due to the investment purpose of the apartment, designed for young people who value both proximity to the city center and the opportunity to spend time recreationally, it was important to create a well thought-out space. Priority was given to both functionality, with plenty of storage space at the forefront, and an attractive, modern interior design.

- The apartment is small, but bright and cozy. The furniture cabinetscreated according to our design by Decoroom carpentry shop, were made to provide maximum storage space in a small area. At the same time, we tried to divert attention from large cabinets that take up a considerable amount of space, in favor of decorative elements. We concealed the storage function in a very decorative form. The soft pastel color scheme, preserved throughout the apartment, adds lightness to the furniture - explain the architects from the Decoroom studio.

Pojemne sofy w korytarzu zapewniają dużo miejsca do przechowywania

Capacious wardrobes in the hallway provide plenty of storage space

Photo: Marek Koptyński Archi.Photo Styling: Angelika Front / Atmosferycznie

Heavenly living room

The heart of the apartment is a spacious living room designed in muted colors inspired by the surrounding landscape. The bright, muted blue brings to mind the gentle current of the Odra river flowing nearby, but also alludes to the serene color of the sky, a piece of which can be admired from the large balcony. A large dose of energy is brought by a comfortable sofa in yellow, sunny color, set vis á vis the stylish RTV cabinet. Its decorative fronts and light form bring a touch of elegance. A similar role is also played by natural materials running through all the rooms. Light wood, tiles imitating the pattern of marble and cozy fabrics wrap the interiors, creating a comfortable atmosphere spiced with a pinch of elegance.

Odważnym akcentem w salonie jest żółta sofa

A bold accent in the living room is the yellow sofa

Photo: Marek Koptyński Archi.Photo Styling: Angelika Front / Atmosferycznie

The living room also includes the dining area, which consists of a round table with a black marble top and chairs upholstered in natural-color fabric.

W salonie stworzono także kącik jadalniany Szafkę RTV zdobią ryflowane fronty

A dining area was also created in the living room

Photo: Marek Koptyński Archi.Photo Styling: Angelika Front / Atmosferycznie

Pastels and matte

The kitchen, although partially open, was discreetly separated. The two-row built-in, designed by Decoroom architects and made in the studio's carpentry shop, provides ample space for storage as well as food preparation. Its pastel blue fronts with a matte finish allude to the color scheme of the living room. However, what catches the eye is the combination of furniture handles and metalized fronts. Both of these elements have a brushed finish. It was the combination of these two details that was the starting point for the arrangement of the space. Everything is complemented by a beautiful conglomerate countertop with a satin finish and a matching mosaic.

Zabudowa kuchenna nawiązuje kolorystycznie do salonu

The kitchen cabinets relate in color to the living room

Photo: Marek Koptyński Archi.Photo Styling: Angelika Front / Atmosferycznie

- Furniture boards from beautiful color collections, with a pastel matte finish, which became the most important element of the kitchen arrangement, were also used as the fronts of the built-ins in the other rooms. Thus, in the elegant hall, the cabinets in the colors of calm beiges were varied with black slats, and in the bedroom cream found its place, which is complemented by pastel pink. Also the cabinets in the bathroom, lacquered in a matte finish, have been matched in color to the walls, so that they blend into one coherent whole - the architects say.

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