Modern Classics. The design of a contemporary villa in Bielsko-Biała

02 of December '22

Anew project by Krakow-based architectural studio MIKOŁAJSKAstudio is excellent proof that combining fashionable design with classic elements is possible.

Willa w Bielsku-Białej

Villa in Bielsko-Biała


Marriage of classics and modernity

A family of five from Bielsko-Biała wanted to live in a house that would not only meet their expectations in terms of functionality, but also adequately reflect their aesthetic tastes. They imagined a property in an eclectic style, contemporary, though smuggling in a touch of the classics. Already at the stage of designing the building, the architect took into account the requirements of his clients, creating an interesting, unusual block with spacious interiors, which left excellent room for the team from MIKOLAJSKAstudio.




Common space

Despite references to classical architecture and interiors a villa was designed with all the comforts. Among other things, it found room for an elevator and an elegant wine cellar. The open spatial layout and huge full-height glazing in the rooms are also very contemporary solutions. The project shows that a balanced and subdued space is a great base for introducing interesting solutions and design flair. The interior relies on earthy colors, shades of beige and gray, as well as the use of natural materials. Although the classically decorated kitchen is connected with the dining room and living room, there is also space for an island and an additional breakfast nook overlooking the garden. In turn, the glazed living room equipped with a fireplace adds to the coziness.




Cohesion is the basis

The design of the villa was a challenge in terms of meeting the clients' expectations, but also due to the size of the project. The square footage of the house is approx. 400 square meters, which included a kitchen open to the living room combined with a dining room, a bedroom with a dressing room and bathroom, a room for the youngest son and a study with the function of a guest room. Another highlight of the development is a wine cellar, accessed by an open staircase and elevator connecting all three floors. Although the clients had unconventional expectations, MIKOLAJSKAstudio made sure that the entire concept was thoughtfully and harmoniously adapted to their needs. In all rooms it is possible to notice not only a common denominator in the form of colors and materials used, but also in the selection of lighting, furniture or decorative elements.

Piwniczka na wino

Wine cellar


Wine cellar

The originality of the design is highlighted by a wine cellar equipped with a bar and a refrigerator for cooling liquors. The special room is dominated by a combination of dark colors with wood present on the walls. In the corner there was also a place for a decorative barrel emphasizing the character of the space. There was also a designer sofa where you can relax with a glass of wine after a long day. The cellar is also meant to serve other utility functions, so care was taken to provide a system of built-in cabinets that further increase the storage area.

Łazienka rodziców 

Parent bathroom



The design of the house included several bathrooms. The first one, intended for use by children and guests, is a perfect combination of light marble with black sintered elements and gold-colored lamps. In the parents' bathroom, on the other hand, MIKOLAJSKAstudio focused on the contrast between the decorative sintering covering the floor and part of the shower area and the black walls and ceiling.




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